Just like something out of a science fiction movie, you’d pretty soon be able to make payments using your face for authentication, all thanks to Access Bank.

With this face recognition system, payments on the platform would be made without having to input passwords and just with the users’ faces, giving users a convenient means of making payment without your cash or even your cards.

Face Payment Solution by Access Bank
Face Payment Solution by Access Bank

This is something already available in China as shoppers are increasingly purchasing goods simply by posing in front of point-of-sale (POS) machines equipped with cameras and all that is needed to get this off the ground is linking your image to a bank account.

Without having to use your fingerprint for authentication as is the norm of modern mobile payment systems, you no longer are required to have your smartphone for payments. It is simply a faster, smoother and easier form of payment you can think of right now.

This would revolutionize the payment system in Nigeria and it definitely brings a couple of new features ranging from:

  • Enabling faster means of making withdrawals and transfers.
  • Allowing customers and merchants a new and quick alternative of payment
  • The convenience factor is yet another idea that cannot be overemphasized.

Who is the target for this facial payment technology?

  • The working-class population who need a fast and convenient means of transacting (Payments).
  • Business owners, traders who need a fast and simple means of transacting (collection)
  • Low-income earners (artisans, drivers, housemaids) who may not own smartphones or cards.
  • The elderly or uneducated individuals who cannot cope with the complexities of internet banking, mobile app.

This is another innovation we are more than excited to share with you as we all hope for integration into apps and everyday use payment platforms here in Nigeria.

Is this the kind of tech you’d be excited about? Let us know in the comments.


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