The emergence of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system was trending the Android world not quite long, I know by now many of you must be waiting to feel the Android 7.0 operating system. It’s good news for Nexus users as the developers preview for Android N has been rolled out for them. So if you use Nexus, you can as well give it a trial.Add Android N Features on Lollipop and Marshmallow

Extra features have been added to the Android 7.0 N OS, and with your device running on marshmallow or lollipop, these awesome feature can be assimilated. Though the developers preview of the android 7.0 N won’t work on all nexus, but it’s no harm if you give it a trial as far as your android device runs on the lollipop or marshmallow operating system.

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As planned by the developer, the Android will feature on millions of non-Android N devices even without making an upgrade. Your android lollipop and marshmallow devices can feature the Android N as there’s an xposed module codenamed “Android N-ify” which will help on the enhancement.

To set up Android N-ify on marshmallow device or your lollipop, you’ve to ensure the Xposed framework is installed on your device. If you are having difficulties on that, you can see this guide to set up Xposed framework on your device.

Once you’ve installed Xposed framework in your device, use this link to download the Android N-ify module, after that return to your Xposed framework and enable the android N-ify module. If you’ve done just that, you can restart your device, start the android D-ify module and your device will possess the features of android 7.0 N.

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Below are some features of the Android 7.0 N

  • Multi-window mode
  • Enhanced Doze Mode
  • Freeform window mode
  • New Android N settings menu
  • Revamped notification shade/quick settings panel
  • Change display size
  • Recent apps and multitasking
  • Faster app optimization
  • New Data Saver feature
  • Dark Mode
  • Improved call screening and number blocking
  • Put emergency info on your lock screen
  • Android Beta Program
  • Moving to OpenJDK from Java APIs
  • Miscellaneous Android N news
  • Improved Smart Lock for Passwords
  • New messaging app
  • Stock stylus support



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