This is a frequently asked question by people who try to integrate a social plugin like BuddyPress into their WordPress CMS. It isn’t an easy task to code in this fields into WordPress, but here is a plugin that can help you add in this features of Birthdate, Email and URL fields into Buddypress profiles. It’s cool working with Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type.

Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type  can help you add custom field into BuddyPress, here is a list of some of the fields you could add if you wish:

-Birthdate field

– Add Datepicker field (HTML5)

– Add Web field (HTML5)

– Email field (HTML5)

Simply Download and Install this plugin, click on Users > Profile Fields > Add New Field:

A nice birth date dropdown box within would appear within user profiles:

Here’s an example of the date picker field type included with the plugin:


One of the qualities of this plugin that I love is, that it can also be styled from your theme. Start using this plugin today.

If you have just done that, let us know with the comment box below.



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