If you are a blogger who leverages different CPM and CPC Ads to make money blogging, you probably must have come across Addynamo.

addynamo introduces paid content

Addynamo is a leading African contextual digital advertising marketplace that makes it easy for Publishers and Advertisers to meet and they pay publishers a percentage of the advertisers bid.

Today, they introduced a new money making scheme for bloggers where the publishers (bloggers) get paid to publish articles from their advertisers,

Here is the mail they sent today

“Paid Content makes your site visible to leading brands & gives them the opportunity to negotiate for you to produce an article on your site. Get paid to publish content about only the brands you are comfortable with.

This revolutionary new product launches shortly, and there is a very simple approval process to get your site setup and made visible to top brands. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity please do get in touch with our team to run you through the steps required to get started.

Best of all, Ad Dynamo’s world leading payment terms still apply and you’ll be paid on the 1st day of every month. That’s Happy Business!”

3 Steps To Getting PAID Contents from Addynamo

1. Brands will make you an offer to produce content on your site.

2. You decide if you want to accept the offer or not and set your price.

3. If the brand accepts your price, you produce the content and publish it… and get paid.

It’s that simple. Happy blogging and hope you make money blogging using this income stream.


  1. Hello Oscar,

    This looks like a promising feature, I literally dumped Addynamo 2-years ago and this now looks tempting. I should give it a try and see how things turns up.

    Thanks for this lovely share buddy 🙂

  2. Hi Oscar,
    I was on the verge of composing this news on getting their newsletter earlier today and here it is already. It is something really awesome but a lot of bloggers are gonna crowd on this with the cheap prices thereby making it really difficult for advertisers to choose quality over quantity.

  3. Oscar,
    Ad dynamo has been my worst nightmare when it came to getting something out my blog to pay the bills. You would not believe it – I never made even a cent the whole time I was actively displaying their ads.

    I got that mail too – and I will be considering their offer. The good part is that I’m not going to display anything till I’m sure of my paycheck!

    Thanks for sharing – do have a great day!

    = Terungwa

  4. This is another great features from addynamo, i really love their concept, always trying to introduce something new and different, before was the sponsored tweet, i wish it become a successful one sha.

  5. Wow this looks promising, iv been with addynamo for about a yr and but could not earn from them, but i think i will give this one a try.. Thanks

  6. I also recieve their mail, bt Ad:dynamo are stingy when it comes to paying. anyway i will just be watching for testimonies before any action.

  7. Nice post Oscar, Judging from people’s reaction i think am not the only one been frustrated by addynamo when it comes to low/no payment probably we still dont get their trick.
    As regards this post, i have mailed them stating my interest and there is no special condition apart from the fact that they will give you some html codes to insert into your header. This is to enable them get your site stats and forward to advertisers to enable them choose from several applications which i feel is cool…Hope to make something worthwhile this time around.
    Best of luck

  8. I have earned not less than 200k with addynamo in first few months of 2013, before the introduction of addynamo premium ads that only show in their premium sites. Now I hardly earn 100 Naira per day with addynamo, but I think that this new feature will make us all happy. Thank you oscar good work here.

  9. I try this out later. I tired of AdSense. I don’t even how much they per click. Maybe £0.04. I used to think they pay up to $1 per click but I’ve gotten up to 11 7 clicks and have only £0.88

  10. Hi. I didn’t include my email because I don’t know if you publish it publicly. I am an Ad dynamo publisher and just started using their paid content but the problem is that the link ad dynamo shows as url in the dashboard always link to a blank ad dynamo page. I have already contacted ad dynamo support but they said the advertiser may have provided a wrong link. I contacted the advertisers and they didn’t reply probably thinking I must be a novice. I don’t know if I have to ask the advertisers for their links/info before posting. If you use their paid content can you please reply this post with how you do yours (I mean how you get to know details about the advertiser or are you given a ready made post to publish on your blog?). You may contact me via davinedvard76[at]gmail.com Thanks and please do reply.


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