An Adoption Visa Subclass 102 is a way for parents and caregivers to get permanent residency for children. With this type of visa application, children will be able to migrate to Australia to live with their adoptive parents as a permanent resident. Additionally, this visa will allow children to apply for citizenship if they are eligible and will gain access to Medicare.

Mixed Family Adoption Visa

There are many things you need to know and prepare for before applying for the visa. It is in an applicant’s best interest to hire the help of a Migration Agent Brisbane. They will be able to walk you through the entire process and ensure all steps are completed appropriately.

1. Overview Of Visa

The visa has a lifespan of five years. The child will be able to travel to and from Australia for five years as often as they want. It should be noted, however, that this stipulation is only valid as long as the visa remains valid. If they want to travel after the five years have finished, they will need to apply for the Resident Return Visa to enter Australia as a permanent resident.

A child might also want to consider obtaining citizenship with the help of their adoptive parents. This means they will only need a passport to leave and come back into the country. The visa subclass 102 is a permanent visa and will allow the child to stay indefinitely. If more than one child needs a visa, they each need to submit separate applications.

2. Cost and Obligations

For the main applicant, the cost to apply for a visa is around AU 2,700. Each sibling will need to be charged a fee as well to obtain a visa. There will be other costs associated with obtaining a visa that includes police certificates, health exams, and biometrics. You can use the “Visa Pricing Estimate” to get an idea of what it will cost altogether.

When the application is submitted, the child must be residing in another country until they are granted the visa. There are no set processing times for the visa application process. However, the process may be slower if you don’t fill out the forms correctly, the correct information is not included and more time is needed by the agency to verify the information. Also, the application cannot be processed if the entire fee is not paid. Once a visa is granted, the child will have to abide by all Australian laws to keep their visa.

3. Eligibility

To become eligible for a visa, a child must meet certain requirements. The first being they are already involved in the process of an intercountry adoption or another arrangement. There must be some involvement with the Australian authorities. The child will also need to have a sponsor. The sponsor is an eligible or prospective adoptive parent. The sponsorship will have to be approved and may be denied if they are found to be convicted of any criminal charges against children.

For the visa to be approved, the child needs to be younger than 18 before the adoption is finalized. For children older than 16, there are character requirements that will need to be met. Other dependent children added on the visa application may also need to meet character requirements. If there are any outstanding debts owed to the Australian government, they must be paid or a payment formally arranged before approval can take place. The agency may not grant the visa if they feel the result would not be in the best interest of the child.

4. Simple Visa Application Steps

  • Check the validity of the child’s passport before applying.
  • Gather up any documents you are required to show for supporting the application.
  • Apply for the child visa using the paper application.
  • Wait for acknowledgment that the agency received the application. You may need to supply additional documents or information.

5. After Applying

Once you have applied, the agency will give you status updates as they go through the information. Before getting the results of the application, do not allow your child to travel to Australia. You may be required to submit to health exams and biometrics before they will grant you the visa. If you realize you made any mistakes on your application, you need to contact the agency as soon as possible to get them fixed.


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