The Nigerian banking sector in recent times has started a series of activities that has definitely been making life easier for us, and this time, I’ll be introducing you to the First Bank Instant Airtime Top-Up (recharge) service. You can sure buy airtime from First Bank by dialing a USSD code and it’s that simple.

Just like the Guarantee Trust Bank Airtime Recharge Using USSD shortcode and SMS post I wrote a while back, First bank also has a similar feature for her customers to easily buy recharge or airtime simply by dialing a set of numbers on your mobile phone.

How To Buy Airtime from First Bank via Instant Top Up

All you need for this to work if you bank with Nigerian First Bank is your phone number being linked with your bank account. As long you receive your bank alert text messages on your mobile phone, you are 100% qualified to use this service. Follow the steps carefully to instantly purchase airtime or recharge credit as it is most times referred to using your First Bank account.

How To Buy Airtime Recharge From First Bank

The steps to buying airtime or call credit as some call it is quite straightforward. Follow the below steps to buy airtime from First Bank Nigeria

Recharging your Registered Line via First Bank USSD Recharge Code

  • To recharge your mobile line, dial *894*AMOUNT#

Let’s say you wish to recharge N2000 (Two thousand Naira) airtime on your linked mobile phone line, all you need do is dial *894*2000# . Your line would be credited with the amount while your First Bank account gets debited.

Recharging other Lines via First Bank USSD Recharge Code

  • Dial *894*amount*phone number#

Note: If you want to make use of this service, you should note that you are limited to N3000 daily airtime recharge transaction on this platform.

I hope this post helps.

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      • Hi Richard,

        Is not responding, its really disappointed me when am in tight need of credit card. I use to receive alert on my Ã?? i sent †?? code through the same number i use to get alert with first bank.

        I have over 2.5m in †?? account, only needed 1500 glo card to make urgent ????, it was telling ?? that am not registers ƒ?? it that i should contact my bank.

        That was †?? respond i was receiving.
        This is too bad
        Honestly am not happy with it.

  1. i don’t kno, the mobile recharge thing of firstbank is not working with my linked line any idea what i should do?

  2. i hv used my top-up more dat d amount of money i need to use it for and where i am is very far away frm first bank wht wil i do Baba

  3. my line is linked and its telling me i should try again, am using mtn line.

  4. The service is so poor that for weeks u may be trying to purchase but they will be telling u to try later. SO FRUSTRATING.

  5. 4 a long time nw my phne has been telln me to try again…i really dnt knw if its a netwrk prblm or dia is smtn wrong wif my acc…jst wnt to knw if dia is any solution to that,if any pls tel me

  6. The problem i get whenever i use my firstmonie 2 buy airtime or send to another num. thru my acct i’ll only c a msg of debit but without seeing d card in d line.pls wat wld b d possible solution?

  7. The problem i get is ,whenever i use my firstmonie 2 buy airtime or send to another num. thru my acct i’ll only c a msg of debit but without seeing d card in d line.pls wat wld b d possible solution?

  8. pls sir can i credit my bank account through airtime recharge.can i credit my bank ac with the available credit in my phone pls i need to know

  9. Hi,
    What if you receive only mails and not sms alert,how to you recharge? I asked because I just tried the above and it did not work?


  11. have tried to recharge BT its nt working and I do receive alert either av bn credited or debited. pls I need correction to dis.

  12. I use to buy airtime with first bank account but now,each time I try to buy airtime or transfer,it will tell me to consult my bank branch.Why?


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