Dance Dance Revolution also prominently known as Dancing Stage. It’s abbreviated as DDR. DDR was known as Dancing Stage in earlier games time in Africa, South Asia and Europe.

This game requires the player placing their feet on the arrows that appear on the beat and screen.

In Normal gameplay, the arrows that appear are usually displayed upwards from the bottom of the screen. The arrow also passes through the receptors –known as the step zone.

DDR compels one to move one’s feet to a set pattern to perform a certain move.

The way it’s been played, when the passing arrows overlap the stationary arrows, players are required to step on the corresponding arrows on the dance platform.

As player steps, it gives judgment for every streaked note ranging from “Marvelous, Perfect, Great, Good, Almost and Miss”.

If successfully hit the arrows just in the Nike of time the life bar or dance gauge fills. If missed; it drains –means it’s a failure move.

Complete List of All DDR Games

We’ll be listing and giving short descriptions of a list of the Dance Dance Revolution games available in many a platform. The complete list of DDR Games

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1. Dance Dance Revolution A

DDR A is a music video game. It’s a 15th installment of the DDR series of all times.

The game was directed by Yichi Asami and published by Konami. The release date varies. For Japan & Asia, it was released on 30th March 2016; for Korean, 4th April 2016. North America: 6th July 2016 and finally Europe 15th December 2017.

It Genre is a music and exercise gameplay. For the mode, it’s single-player and multiplayer.

This series really got things interesting. It changes the song selection screen. Other series uses a cover flow system, however, Dance Dance Revolution A changes it to Sound Voltex-like. The page-list actually gives the illusion of a can-touch interface. The selection remains same –usage of buttons below the monitor.

Nine great songs of choice and they’re organized in three rows. If player scrolled past them, there are an additional row of songs lined up. For the first time, the selection is done with a simple up and down buttons to skip a row.

2. Dance Dance Revolution(2013 video game)

This is the 14th installment of the DDR series there is. The game was published by Konami on 24th October 2012.

The cabinet for the game has been changed to white in the 14th installment. The change goes along with, an increased monitor in size from 37 inches to 42 inches. With a personal space created for players to put items.

The 14th installment features many updates both interface and gameplay. For the mode, it has the “TAG Play” –a brand new mode.

TAG Play is same to the Versus Play, but this time the game grants reward to the two players on both pads with Synchro-Bonus points.

This time around, the “GOOD” judgment does not break player’s combo anymore, rather, it counts toward it.

3 Dance Dance Revolution Dance Wars

DDR Dance Wars is a stylish dance video game. But the game has stopped functioning as a result of team retiring from online on 1st September 2013.

As other Dance Dance Revolution series, DDR Dance War retains its core gameplay. The still old basic pattern of play as player matches the hit of the arrow that corresponds to the song’s timing.

Two modes are available now. They are Free Play Mode and Battle Mode. Battle Mode is the heart of this game. In Battle Mode players get to match against their rivals or aiding player through DCS “Dance Crew System.”

In this installment, players can build Dance Crew by simply recruiting other people. Respect Point could be easily earned through dance Crew to get or by item and upgrade skills.

4. Dance Dance Revolution X3

DDR X3 is a music video game. It’s a part of the Dance Dance Revolution. DDR X3 was published by Konami on 2nd June 2011.

There has been copying of features added on the mode. E- AMUSEMENT capabilities to be precise. Also, a quick play mode was featured. It quasi- Marathon mode; in which the user can use the pay-per-song pattern for many a stage as arcade permits.

The Target Score allows players to see e-Amusement and machine records without playing a song. For the records DRILL COURSE had been removed.

The judgment of streaked notes together with a number of combos are placed underneath the note strip –some arcade machines of Dance Dance Revolution X3.  While some are placed under the note strip, few are been displayed on top of the note strip.

5. Dance Dance Revolution II

DDR II features a double mode. Players of double mode can only play the full version of licenses while shortened versions sets for Konami Original. It can’t be minced shortened licenses and a full version for Konami original.

The game has additional difficulties. Challenge difficulty is now on board. Also, the difficulty scale has been made easy. Instead of ten-foot scale usage, it’s rather 20-foot difficulty scale.

Players can play long versions of songs but the full versions are available only for some Konami Original and licenses.

Multiplayer now uses dance pads and the game is capable of supporting up to four players. Accessing folder is made easy and 11 songs are placed inside folder conditions.

6. Dance Dance Revolution Freedom

DDR Freedom was made available through Apple’s App Store on 11th February 2011 only in North America. It’s the second in DDR series to be made available for iOS. It’s a rhythm game made by Konami.

Just like every other Dance Dance Revolution games, the gameplay remains similar. Players hit arrows; to correspond with the selected song. But there are slight differences.

DDR Freedom features a virtual dance pad right on the device’s screen rather than a full-fledged dance pad peripheral.

From the get-go Course and Standard modes are made available with a “Shake Mode” option. This shake mode uses the device’s accelerometers for play.

7. Dance Dance Revolution

This DDR is known as DDR Hottest Party 4 for the Wii version. While for other versions it’s known as DDR New Moves. It’s a music video game part of the Dance Dance Revolution series developed by Konami –the American division.

Choreography mode is a new mode featured alongside foot motions with the dance pad.

Note that basic changes are made for Wii & PS3.  Goal-based challenges are featured which gives the player the opportunity to earn points to unlock more songs and outfits.

In this series, the soundtrack features more mainstream pop music alongside original music characteristic.

8. Dance Evolution

Dance Evolution is an engrossing dancing video game developed by Konami. The game was released in November 2010.

DE features 30 tracks that have R&B, hip hop, Pop, dance and Eurobeat with additional songs as downloadable content.

9. Dance Dance Revolution X2

DDR X2 is a part of the DDR series revealed by Konami on 20th November 2009. It’s a redesigned cover Flow-like music list. The design was copy-based on DDR Universe 3. It featured New “Pro” and “Happy” play modes.

The Happy mode was designed for novices, with a simple interface and reduced song list.  However, the Pro is basically the OK mode.

In Dance Dance Revolution X2 the stage end and jump right to the next stage if player missteps. Players who what to achieve higher scores find it really useful as a matter of fact.

With a simple use of up and down buttons on the cabinet, SPEED can be adjusted. DDR X2 has remover the Battle Mode.

10. Dance Dance Revolution Music Fit

DDR Music fit was revealed by Konami for the Nintendo Wii in Japan only –it’s a music video game just like the other DDR series.

Developer: Konami.

Publisher: Konami.

Engine: Hottest Party.

Platform: Nintendo Wii.

Series: Dance Dance Revolution, Bemani.

Release: Japan: 28th January, 2010.

Mode: Multiplayer & single-player.

Genre: Exercise & Music.

Other DDR games to look out for are:-

  • Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3
  • Dance Dance Revolution X2
  • Dance Dance Revolution S+
  • Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves
  • Dance Dance Revolution Winx Club
  • Dance Dance Revolution S
  • Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3
  • Dance Dance Revolution X
  • Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2
  • Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition
  • Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2
  • Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party
  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA2

This is the complete list of all DDR Games there is. Feel free to give us a shout at the comment section. Thanks for your time.


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