Amazon unveiled several devices in September, including 5 new Echo smart speakers, fresh Ring smart home security, new Alexa commands and beautiful pair of smart glasses named Echo Frames. However, the brand new Amazon Echo Loop smart ring is the complicated one. Most users are actually confused as to what to do with it.

Echo Loop stays on your body and does amazing things. This ring is more effective than the Echo Buds since it is worn for a longer period. By ensuring Alexa is wrapped around your finger, Amazon is making sure all your questions will be answered while making it easy for you to set reminders and control your smart home gadgets throughout the day.

Echo Loop is confusing, I know since it sometimes makes you wonder what it is for and its use, if it can be customized and how to even purchase it. Right about now, it is not very accessible at a nearby store but this is all we know thus far:

Amazon Echo Loop

What Is Amazon’s Echo Loop?

It is the first Alexa-enabled smart ring. It comes with an action button that can be used to wake the device with one tap, 2 microphones you can use to speak your commands and an almost microscopic speaker for replies. The ring even possesses a vibrating haptic engine for notifications. There is no screen though but you can track notifications via a companion smartphone application.

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The Echo Loop connects your device’s Alexa app via Bluetooth and makes use of your existing data plan. Loop will work with Android and iPhone devices, meaning Google Assistant or Siri can be accessed with a long press of Loop’s action button.

Is Echo Loop Always Listening To Me?

Unlike all other popular Alexa devices, including the new Echo Frames, Echo Loop does not listen all the time. Rather, you will need to wake it with a brief press for Alexa or a long press to access Google Assistant or Siri.

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When you access Alexa, though, a recording of your command will reach Amazon servers where it will be processed into action and stored in your account. Commands dished out via Google Assistant and Siri will be sent to Google or Apple, where they get processed in an identical manner.

Can I Wash My Hands With Echo Loops On?

Amazon has said Echo Loop is water-resistant and you can actually wash your hands with the Loop on. But, avoid showering or swimming with it.


How Can I Charge It? How Long Does It Last On A Full Charge?

Amazon states that Echo Loop will need 1hr 30 mins to charge on the accompanying magnetic charging stand and a complete charge should last 24 hours of “intermittent usage.” The company said real-world battery life will depend on the user.

Are There Multiple Colors Or Sizes Available?

The Echo Loop is black titanium in color and it comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Amazon advised that you order a free kit to be certain of the proper fit before purchasing.

The Information in this article pretty much sums everything you need to know about the Amazon Echo Loop. If you have any contributions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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