College is eventful, exciting and memorable. The journey comes with several challenges and hurdles that you must be prepared for if you want to have an enjoyable experience. To help you ready yourself for the experience, here is our list of Best Android Apps For College Students:

1. Daily Planner

Android Apps For College StudentsWith this application, users can schedule their day with colour-coded tasks, checklists, and reminders. Doing it is seamless too. Daily Planner integrates with other devices, which includes Google’s calendar and both Google Assistant and Amazon Echo that involves reminders hands-free. It also possesses where you can enter and keep notes from classes and study session.

2. Chegg

This app allows you to purchase or rent textbooks, both physically and online, for about ninety per cent less than the campus bookstore. The application can be used to sell back books at the end of the semester for some extra cash. You will even have access to other school supplies you can part with cash for.

3. Kahoot

Android Apps For College StudentsThis app comes with flashcards, quizzes, learning games, and study instructions for every grade level, which includes various medical and scientific terms.

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It is possible to create your personal flashcards and practice tests with both audio and pictures. It allows you to interact with other users too, so it is useful for virtual study groups.

4. Grammarly

This app is known. It is actually the best application for checking grammar, spelling, and proper word use before you submit your final paper.

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Grammarly aids the syncing of your devices and it makes sure your project is written correctly so you can stay away from spelling and grammar errors. It even functions in email and chats messages so your personal communication is top-notch with it too.

5. Mendeley

This application assists you to create citations and bibliographies for research papers. It comes with more than 7000 style formats, including MLA, APA, IEEE, AMA, and Chicago. The app allows you to annotate documents as you research with highlighters and sticky notes. PDF documents are not left out. It gets the job done online and offline.

6. Graphing Calculator

This is a digital calculator that is designed to aid your calculation of square roots, binary and hexadecimal numbers. The graphs and tables look amazing and are simple to read. You will have access to a math assistant site that will break down math terms to give you a deeper knowledge of the material as you study. The complete version will need the internet.

7. Offtime

Android Apps For College StudentsYou will be able to concentrate on your homework when you lock down applications that distract you while you study.

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This app will make sure you have no access to social media apps, text, instant messaging programs, and songs lists. A few useful apps like the scientific calculator or Grammarly will be available since they will help your study.

8. Study Music

This application comes with music lists of songs meant to assist you with memory and concentration, which is a brilliant way to retain facts as you study. It’s alpha waves and nature sounds help you relax with a background noise that will improve your concentration. It improves your sleep too when you are done with studying.

9. TalkLife

This app allows you to vent or express your feelings about life’s problems. You get to let it out in a secure place where others battling the same issues can empathize and support you. It is a brilliant way to enhance your mental health. This definitely helps to boost your studying. Users get to post their thoughts anonymously too.

10. Mint

This app allows you to create a good budget and monitor your expenses. It possesses bill reminders that will aid you to sort them out asap and avoid late fees. It comes with reports and graphs that display what your cash is spent on. This one also helps to keep track of your credit score.

There you have it – you have just being served with a comprehensive list of best Android apps for college students. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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