Total FlopAndroid, having to meet the need of users as the most used mobile Operating System (OS) has to be up to date. Different brands keep shooting new innovations into the Android world, only the best can survive the taste of time. Let’s see some android features that turned to be archaic and total flop in no long time.

Physical Keyboards

Phone Keyboard

Blackberry still refused to give up on the physical keyboard, will this turn out well for them in future? I wish them good luck anyway. Around two years ago the physical keyboard was kicked out of the Android world and even from mobile phones. With a large screen that possesses a software keyboard, customer were at ease and ditched out the idea of the Blackberry QWERTY buttons.


Mobile Phone Projector

In 2012 Samsung launched the Galaxy Beam which was the first Android phone to feature a projector. This was really a nice idea, the whole plan was absolutely great until implemented and was total flop. Phones with the projector feature integrated in them are battery devourers. Even as other brands try to insert this feature, they have ran into big mess.
Let’s watch Motorola from a distance as the yet to be launched Moto Z is rumored to come with developed modular units. Let’s see what they got this time, maybe, we’ll be wrong to drop this feature in the junk.

Removable Batteries

Removable Battery

Will recent phones continue to release phones with removable batteries? Infinix and Tecno being the giants of Africa’s mobile market have shown signs that there might be no more removable batteries. You can see Tecno Camon C8 and Infinix Zero 3 that boasts of non-removable batteries.

Although the non-removable battery issue seems not to be good for the customers as the fear of them having issues with their batteries gets into their mind.

Infrared Sensors


Are there still fans of this feature? Bluetooth and Wi-Fi killed the generation on Infrared. The quick demise of the Infrared from smartphones is marvelous believe me. Not long from now the word Infrared will be off the lips of people as new generation will not know it.


Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitor

Comparing this feature to others on the list, I think this feature should never had existed, talk more of being out of date. Samsung still poses to keep this feature alive but it’s crystal clear that this feature doesn’t have a place in the android world. I mean it has no future. We can’t trust the results of heart rate monitors because they are mostly inaccurate, making it loose users.

Do you think any of this features shouldn’t be forgotten in no time? Or are there other awkward android features you think should be erased? Let us know using the comment box below.


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