Not all tablets are iPads. There are also Android tablets. They may not be as popular, but they do the same things. Honestly, if you’re buying a tablet for a kid or a teenager that’s not known for being responsible, it’s better to go for an Android tablet than an iPad, since you won’t feel the sting so badly if your kid loses or breaks it.

With the money you save, you can get Android tablet monitoring software and install it on the tablet. This is a very useful program that will let you know the following about your kid:

3.- The Sites Your Child Visits

Many parents have found interesting things about their children through their browsing habits. For example, a parent might find that his or her son has been searching for information about how to protect yourself from bullies. Or the parent might find that the daughter displays an unhealthy habit of looking for diets that make you lose weight. And no, taking the tablet and looking at the browsing history doesn’t help because by then your child would have erased it.

2.- The Pictures Your Child Shares with His or Her Friends

Most tablets have a camera, and kids use it constantly. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, a discreet look at those pictures might save your child from danger. It’s no secret that many young girls often take inappropriate pictures of themselves that will come back to haunt them years later. However, you can also find through the pictures if your child is doing stunts that might get him or her hurt. Finally, the pictures often show alcohol or cigarettes, which I’m sure you disagree with.

Oh, and don’t forget that there are videos too.

1.- The Location of Your Child

This is a problem that has worried parents for ages and with Android tablet monitoring software, we now have a solution. Every parent has gone through the experience of asking him or herself “Where is my child?” When cell phones came into the scene, we thought we’d finally have a quick answer to that. However, sometimes kids are so caught up on something that they don’t hear our calls or ignore them. In addition, if they are doing something they want to keep from us (and which usually more the reason for us to know about it) they will just not answer our calls. But with this program, you can just log into a website and see where your child is. You’ll know right away if your kid is at school or somewhere else.

Author Bio: Brian Coulter is an expert on mobile phone technology and its applications. He likes to explain the latest in mobile phone technology to his readers in simple terms, without all the technical jargon. He is also the author of  Tablet Spy Program.


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