For years now, Samsung has been the leading company for Android devices. Their phones come with lovely designs, dope specifications and a brilliant camera system. The Samsung Galaxy S9 can comfortably be named one of the best smartphones last year and it has amazing applications that will improve your experience so we have highlighted some of them in our list of Best Apps For Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Device:

1. PicsArt

Apps For Your Samsung Galaxy S9This is an amazing app for your Samsung Galaxy S9. This app is user-friendly and can be used for photo editing. It comes with several features that you can use to edit your pictures. Some of its vital tools include collage maker, sketching tools, camera, picture editor, camera. It is a must-have.

2. Nova Launcher

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This is a personalized, result-oriented, home screen for your Samsung Galaxy S9. It could pass as the best launcher for your Android phone. The app exchanges your ancient home screen with ones you would fancy and it can even be changed based on what you want. You can seamlessly transform icons, outlines, graphics, animations and so on.

3. Unified Remote

Apps For Your Samsung Galaxy S9Unified Intents developed this app. It functions as a remote for your PC. You can seamlessly control and manage your computer with your Galaxy S9 Android phone.

With Bluetooth, you can link your phone to your PC and use your device as a single and multi-touch mouse to operate the computer screen of your computer can be viewed on your S9 device and your files can be easily managed.

4. Google Duo

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This is a proper quality video chat and it is owned by Google. The app comes with a simple, user-friendly UY that aids faster and more consistent video calls whether you use Wi-Fi or mobile data. If a video call is not doing it for you, an audio call can be done as well.

5. MX Player

Apps For Your Samsung Galaxy S9Still, on the topic of best apps for your Samsung Galaxy S9 device, The MX  Player is another app you should consider. J2 Interactive owns this app. It is a brilliant Android video player and video editor along with cutting-edge hardware acceleration and comfortable subtitle support for users.

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Plus, you can seamlessly swipe across the display to zoom in and zoom out of the clips for more quality viewing. Subtitles can also be adjusted as you please.

6. Grammarly

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The keyboard helps to keep your texts error-free in any of the applications you launch on your Samsung Galaxy 9. It offers several features like a spelling checker, grammar checker and so on. It functions smoothly with other applications and assists with mistake-free, flawless emails, LinkedIn messages, Facebook statuses e.t.c.

7. Xender

Apps For Your Samsung Galaxy S9This is a very decent sharing app for Samsung Galaxy S9 users as it helps with all your file sharing needs. It assists you to transfer your files between your personal computer and your mobile device. It is surely one of the most comfortable apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 owners. The main benefit of this app is that you can transfer any kind and size of files with no mobile data.

8. Field Trip

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This is a useful app that exposes you to unseen and exceptional things in the world, at your location.

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This app mostly functions in the background of your Android phone and when you are close to any beautiful and interesting location, it displays a card with info about that location. Clicking on your phone screen to work on this app is not necessary, simply link your headset or Bluetooth and you can easily hear the app reading the info to you.

9. Shazam

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This is a well-known app for Samsung Galaxy S9. It is user-friendly and can be used to recognize any music playing around you. To get this done, simply take your mobile phone close to where the song is playing, this app will instantly detect the song and recognize it.

10. Gboard

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Samsung Galaxy S9 provides a very effective keyboard but it is still not as dope as Gboard by Google. This app offers all you need on your keyboard. It is quicker and convenient and users are exposed to glide typing, voice typing, and other options with it. Gboard also allows to type in different languages.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best apps your Samsung Galaxy S9 device, if you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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