The potential of having a productive day is hinged how you start your morning. How early you wake up, the things you do first and lots more. Certain habits can make your day unproductive. In this article, we look at a list of highly recommended apps to get your morning started. These apps will help you make your day productive.

1. Alarmy

pps to get your morning startedDo you sleep a lot? This app can help you. Alarmy comes with various extremely terrible methods to make sure you do not tap snooze easily. The alarm is super loud and you will be forced to solve math problems. You might even need to snap a photo of something in particular. It possesses less complex settings like waking to music, gradual alarms, and other more humane options.

2. BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox

pps to get your morning started

We still remember Blackberry right? It gave us this even if it works on your Android device too.

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With it, you can seamlessly check, respond to, and snooze messages from well-known email platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and WeChat. It costs nothing and it will work for 30 days before you start seeing adverts if you have no subscription.

3. Google News

apps to get your morning startedIt works on your Android and iPhone device. The truth is you really do not have to read every news story thoroughly, but a rapid glance at headlines is always important once in a while. Google News is a decent way to familiarize yourself with the daily headlines.

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Its app displays the top 5 stories happening at the moment, and the web version allows you to check out several sections and features seamlessly.

4. TuneIn

pps to get your morning started

This app provides streams of over 100,000 radio stations from across the globe and grants you access to popular podcasts that you will surely love to listen to.

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The free version is feature-rich and its paid versions will come with streams from popular sporting events and news outlets.

5. Microsoft To-Do

The developers that gave us Wunderlist gave us this app too. It allows you to quickly add and check off tasks, syncs with Outlook and aids the process of breaking bigger tasks into smaller chunks. Sharing lists with others is simple as well, for anyone that wants to delegate.

Tired of being unproductive? You have just been served with a comprehensive list of best apps to get your morning started. You are advised to make adequate use of any of the apps chosen, in order to have a productive day.


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