Have you ever found yourself wanting to dial a number even without having to unlock your smartphone? That’s where the need to assign a phone number to your emergency contact arises.

Emergency contacts are contacts you can call without unlocking your smartphone, these numbers can be reached from a special dial pad in the lock screen. Emergency contacts are usually made of phone numbers owned by people who you would always call in time of need or distress. For example firefighters, police, father or mother.

Samsung galaxy note 9

Emergency contacts is a feature that has over the years become very popular on smartphones. The Samsung galaxy note 9, is one of those smartphones that support emergency contacts. This article contains a tutorial on how to assign emergency contacts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

How To Assign Emergency Contacts On Note 9

  1. In your apps menu, Navigate to your contacts app
  2. Click on the three vertical dot menu, on the upper section of your contact app
  3. Select ICE crisis contacts and click on edit to assign emergency contacts
  4. Lock your Samsung galaxy note 9, by tapping on the power button just once
  5. Tap the power button once again to reveal a lock screen.
  6. In the bottom left corner, touch and hold on the phone  symbol
  7. Select emergency call option
  8. Add the same contacts you added to the ICE crisis list before.
  9. Make emergency calls using the emergency contact feature on the lock screen of your Samsung galaxy note 9

Adding emergency contacts to your Samsung galaxy note 9 is a very easy thing to do, just follow these steps meticulously.

We at Oscarmini, urge you to assign emergency contact on your ICE list, be it on the Samsung galaxy note 9 or other smartphones. The ICE contact list might be your saving grace, in time of need.


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