Cloud vendors aren’t immune to cloud storage outages and happening so might negatively affect your market name credibility in the space. Obviously, every cloud vendor out there would definitely have special people assigned to the task of not letting the inevitable happen, but thankfully, there are multiple, quick and simple ways in practice to avoid cloud outages from occurring ever again.

Cloud Computing - Ways To Avoid Cloud Outages

Now, what doesn’t matter is the fact that you own a website or a business, you would want to ensure that you don’t have to worry about cloud outages. It’s similar to playing your favorite online games – you wouldn’t want outages when trying out online betting in Nigeria, would you?

The fact that choosing the right provider and focusing on the basics can help you avoid such a scenario, let us get to know some proven ways by experts that can help you avoid cloud outages.

The Top 4 Ways to Help You Avoid Cloud Outages

Here are four ways to avoid cloud outages and improve system performance:

1. Understand Internet Traffic Patterns

Cloud storage depends a lot on internet traffic to applications and websites, therefore it is important to study global outage patterns, latency, and security problems. When your customers will find out that their websites or applications are running slow, they will reach out to you for a solution. The first thing that you should do is run traceroutes to find if there are any internal issues.

In case, there’s a problem with the internet, reroute traffic to another server until it is solved. Always let your clients know what the problem, which can be anything from a government shutdown to fiber-optic cable cuts.

2. Spread Workload Across Multiple Locations

Have a network of cloud providers from all around the world so that there are greater flexibility and easier adaptation to changing business needs. It also increases interoperability across multiple IT environments. In case one of your servers is down, the other one can handle the load. It also reduces the probability of losing out on customers as you won’t ever have unplanned outages.

3. Give Cloud Security Priority

Hackers are always looking forward to hacking into cloud systems and steal valuable information. Corporate firewalls don’t exactly provide completely protect applications and websites. Investing in web application firewalls and cloud-based solutions will help you keep your data safe from malware uploads, API attacks, DDoS attacks, and malicious bots. Regularly check your web application security levels, so that you are always a step ahead of the hackers.

4. Build an Intelligent Network Edge

Cybersecurity threats and human errors along with cloud outages are three common reasons your system being down completely. To not let that happen, build an intelligent network edge that not only protects your data but also ensures superior quality user experiences and increases the trust of your customers in you. The first step to the network edge is by finding a right domain name service. Always invest in a secondary domain name service, which can take the load if the first one decides to not work.

These few simple tips will help you ensure that your business remains on track at all times and that you have nothing to worry about.

Are there any other points you might want to share about avoiding cloud outages? Do let me know in the comment section below as I’d love to hear from you.


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