Online marketing, like any other form of business marketing, is centered on establishing and increasing brand presence in the market. But, unlike traditional marketing, online marketing is faced with the extra difficulties of creating impressions in a market where potential customers give nothing more than a few seconds (or just a glimpse) of attention; where competitors number in thousands and millions; and where a company’s chance of getting seen is determined by its visibility in search engines.

bad internet marketing practices to avoid

However, despite the extra challenges that an online marketing agency faces, there are still some tactics that you should never resort to, not just because they are underhanded or dishonest, but also because they are already obsolete and therefore unnecessary. If you want to know more about them, here are some of the online marketing practices to avoid.

Promotion by Quantity rather than Quality

While it is true that search engines recognize (and therefore rank) fresh contents, you should never sacrifice content quality for quantity unless you want to be an internet marketing agency known for old-style practices. Churning out online materials on a daily basis is fine, but make sure each and every material you publish is as good, if not better, than the previous. Otherwise, potential customers that come across your site will immediately dismiss you as just another mediocre company or brand.

Furthermore, you risk burying those quality posts of yours in a heap of ordinary posts if you stick to this obsolete strategy.

Focusing on brand presence rather than the services that your potential customers need

It is common sense for advertisements to emphasize branding in order to make lasting impressions. This strategy works well for beginners who are still introducing themselves (to an already established market). This strategy unfortunately becomes annoying and detrimental in the long run. What loyal customers want nowadays is a company/brand that cares more for their (customers’) needs rather than its own (company) name, so stop parading your brand and start addressing your customers.

Leaving Quality Content to Chance

Before, SEO companies would create good quality online materials and then just leave the rest to chance. This means doing nothing but just waiting for random readers to serendipitously run into your site. Valiant? Yes! Practical? I don’t think so.

Nowadays, there are so many ways to promote your online materials, so go and deliberately spread it to the whole wide world. You can utilize social media network or other strategies to get more readers to chance upon your investments. Don’t just wait for them to come. Do something about it.



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