Going through the BBM blog yesterday, I discovered the BBM for Android and iOS app hass been updated yesterday with the latest version coming with a wonderful feature you definitely would love to have.

Obviously, the way BBM was made to invite friends using their PINs wasn’t the best way out as other IM apps made use of your contact list to search for friends who already used their apps. Blackberry finally decided to leverage this strategy, and guess what, they had to replace the need to share PINs feature with the New Find Friends feature.

Here is what it looks like if you’ve gotten the update.

BBM for iOS find friends feature

I had to check through the play store for the update and discovered that it wasn’t yet there. Blackberry says it might take up to 24hours before it get’s pushed there.

I really can’t wait to have mine running on my HTC One S.

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  1. I think this is what they suppose to do since of using bbm,this future we help those that like advertise on bbm ,have a lot of friend and many more,thank’s for the info.


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