There are two main types of support numbers that you dial to connect with an organization. It generally starts with one of the area codes 03 or 08. Most of you must have 0300 numbers which are so popular in the United Kingdom.

0300 numbers are non-geographical numbers which are not limited by the area codes. They work all over the United Kingdom without having to use any additional area code. 

Custom Call Number for Businesses

These numbers are generally reserved by the government departments. However, a non-profit organization can also use these numbers for their calling solutions.

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Benefits of Having an 0300 number

There are a lot of benefits of having a 0300 number for your customer support solutions:

Considered as Local Number

The biggest advantage of using a 0300 number for your customer support is the fact that it is considered as a local number. It is beneficial for the caller and the organization as local calls are economical, and works better with the providers. 

It means that it does not require an additional area code for the callers, improving your customer’s user experience with your organization.

Lower Cost Rates

0300 numbers offer a lower cost than the 0800 numbers. Using a 0300 number for your business can save you more than 50% of your total costs on the calling services. They will charge the local call rates on every call received by the organization. 

On the other hand, a 0800 number may charge you an additional cost by the service provider. Therefore, using a 0300 number is the best way to save some operational costs for your business. 

If you are getting a 0300 number from virtual number providers, such as WeNumber, you can actually save more money.

Does Not Impact Business Address

Due to the non-geographical area codes, it does not impact the permanent address of your business. You can change your business address without having to worry about changing the area code of your customer support. 

This way, your customers can get a reliable way to connect with you whenever they want. It is also beneficial for organizations working in different areas in the United Kingdom.

Works with All Service Provider

Every service provider supports 0300 numbers without adding a charge on them. Users from all over the United Kingdom can call these numbers to connect with your organization, anytime they want.

How to Get an 0300 number for your Business?

You need to register a number for your business to take advantage of the unrestricted numbers. It can be easily done using WeNumber that activates your virtual number instantly. You can choose your own 7 digit number that best suits your organization’s requirements.

Try WeNumber today and get some additional benefits without paying an extra dollar for the additional features.

Final Words

Getting a 0300 number can solve most of your phone call costs related problems as it has a lot to offer to its subscribers.

Besides, using a virtual number makes it easier to analyze your calls and keep a better record of your call logs. You can also utilize some other features to improve your customer’s communication with your organization.


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