Air frying is a brilliant substitute for several favourite meals like fried chicken and french fries. If you are not aware, when you air fry foods, they get a unique exterior solely by circulating powerful hot air. On top of that, air frying meals is actually faster than cooking meals in a regular oven. See the best options to make this happen in our list of 5 Best Air Fryers To Buy:

1. Ninja Foodi 7-in-1:

Ninja Foodi 7-in-1
Ninja Foodi 7-in-1

This kitchen appliance can air fry, pressure cook, bake and so on. Even if its air frying capability is one of its best features, this air fryer comes with TenderCrisp tech that lets you cook food quickly while delivering decent results.

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Cleaning up is also very simple with Ninja Foodi 7-in-1 plus its 5-quart ceramic-coated pot and 3-quart crisp basket are nonstick and dishwasher safe.

2. Cosori Smart WiFi Air Fryer:

COSORI Smart WiFi 1700 W 5.8 Qt Air Fryer Programmable ...

This is a brilliant option if you need an air fryer that connects with your smartphone or Alexa’s voice commands. Users can even download the VeSync app to control their device and have access to more than 100+ recipes.

It can even be paired with Alexa and it utilizes voice commands to control it. Its screen is also ergonomically angled to help you view and alter the controls without bending over.

3. Breville Smart Oven Air:

Best Air Fryers to buy
Breville Smart Oven Air

The Breville Smart Oven Air guarantees quick and even heat distribution with its smart convection tech. It also comes with Element iQ, which ensures the cooking power stays where it needs to be at all times.

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It is possible to air fry french fries, fried chicken with this one and owners can also dehydrate about 4 trays of fruits or other meals.

4. Philips TurboStar Air Fryer:

Best Air Fryers To Buy

Still on the topic of best air fryers to buy. This air fryer is amazing for fast cooking and it makes use of TurboStar tech to ensure all your meals are exposed to constantly circulating heat. Meaning, you do not need to stir or turn your food while it’s cooking. On top of that, users do not have to wait for it to preheat too, it is always hot and ready for use whenever you want.

5. GoWISE Air Fryer:

Best Air Fryers to buy
GoWISE Air Fryer

This air fryer gives you 5.8 quarts of cooking space and it comes in plum, red, black, and white colors. Its touch screen menu is quite advanced as it possesses 8 cooking presets that are simple to use.

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On top of frying meals, users can also bake, grill, and roast with less oil. Owners will even have access to a recipe book with 50 recipes specifically for the brand.

In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of 5 of the best air fryers to buy. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

More Information On Air Fryer:

An air fryer is a small countertop convection oven designed to simulate deep frying without submerging the food in oil.

A fan circulates hot air at high speed, producing a crisp layer via browning reactions such as the Maillard reaction. Some reviews have found that regular convection ovens or convection toaster ovens produce better results.

Air fryers use a circulation of hot air to cook food that would otherwise be submerged in oil. The air fryer’s cooking chamber radiates heat from a heating element near the food, and a fan circulates hot air.

There is an air inlet on the top and an exhaust at the back that controls the temperature by releasing any excess hot air.

The temperatures can go up to 230 °C (445 °F) depending on the model. Oil cannot be used inside the air fryer, as it could burn. Cooking times in the air fryer are typically reduced by 20% in comparison with traditional ovens, depending on the model, and the particular food.


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