Human beings have so much in common. We all eat, sleep, use the toilet, and wake up after sleeping. And as we already know, the alarm clock is useful in our daily lives and we keep it in our bedrooms and on our smartphones to get our day started. However, at times, the stock alarm clock app might be a bit old school and you will prefer apps. So let’s give you the best options in our list of 10 Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android:

1. Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

This is a simple but effective app. It allows you to set an unrestricted number of alarms. The app comes with countdown alarms, recurring alarms, and one-time alarms. Android Wear, sleep statistics are also supported. There is a free version and the paid version and the paid version gets rid of advertisement.

2. AlarmMon

This is a useful alarm app that gets the simple things done by letting you set various alarms. The alarm tone and snooze instructions can be set as well. Cartoon characters are also present to wake you up easily and it will cost you nothing. You will be able to download extras by parting with some cash.

3. Alarmy

This is the self-named most annoying alarm clock. It comes with a special premise. You just have to set alarms and they will ring out loud as they should. However, this app also allows you to add a picture of anything in your home.

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Therefore, you will need to stop sleeping, jump out of your bed and snap a picture of the same thing if you want the alarm to stop. Users can even make it ask random mathematics questions. Heavy sleepers will definitely love this one.

4. Challenges Alarm Clock

alarm clock apps for AndroidThis alarm clock also attempts to trick your brain into waking up. It functions well and lets you set your personal tones, various alarms, and snooze instructions. Plus, the app comes with puzzles, games, and even a picture mechanic to make you stay awake before you tap to snooze. Its price is nothing to be worried about too.

5. Early Bird Alarm Clock

alarm clock apps for AndroidThis is another alarm clock app that is far from complicated. Its features include themes, alarm challenges, weather and so on. Its alarm challenges are dope too.

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Early Bird Alarm Clock can automatically change your alarm tone on a daily basis. It is not a complex app and its free version comes with ads while the paid version is ad-free.

6. Google Assistant

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This app can function as an alarm clock since it can set an alarm on your behalf that will go off as planned. It aids countdown timers, reminders plus it can even get things added to your calendar.

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It goes through the stock alarm clock app and that could be a good or bad thing since you are looking for a fresh one. All in all, Google Assistant is useful for settings alarms, timers or reminders quickly.

7. I Can’t Wake Up

alarm clock apps for AndroidThis app is for anyone who struggles to wake up in the morning. The app comes with 8 wake-up challenges if you wish to shut it down. The aim sis to make users fully awake enough before they even get to tap snooze.

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It possesses several alarm styles, decent personalization features, and a few convenience features. This is surely not a stock alarm clock. Going for the pro version means you will be getting rid of adverts.

8. Loud Alarm Clock

still on the topic of best alarm clock apps for Android. The loud Alarm clock is another highly recommended app. This app makes use of a loud audio booster so that your alarm can be heard in a loud manner. It works like a regular alarm clock app. Users get to set alarms, set the snooze and the alarm tone and you are ready to roll. It possesses themes to spice things up. However, be cautious, since very loud sounds can damage your phone over time.

9. Sleep As Android

This is one of the best sleep tracking applications out there. The app watches you while you sleep and aids the analysis of how good your sleep is. You will need to sleep with your phone in bed though. Sleep as Android integrates with Google Fit, Samsung S Health, Galaxy Gear, Android Wear, Pebble (RIP), and Spotify. The app can even guess if you have sleep apnoea.

10. Sleepzy

This app used to be called Good Morning Alarm Clock and it is one of the new ones. It monitors your sleep and gets you out of bed too. You will be sleeping with your phone in your bed as well. Apart from that, it is an app to have. Some of its features are a white noise generator, weather update features, a nightstand mode and so on.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best alarm clock apps for Android. If you have other recommendations free to drop them in the comment section below.


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