Managing diabetics has to do with keeping track of blood sugar readings, medications, meals e.t.c Monitoring these body parameters helps diabetic patients prevent diabetics from becoming worse and also helps in curbing diabetics in the body.  The use of primitive tools like paper and pencil could be stressful. The case is different with diabetic apps.

Apps for diabetic eradicates the stress that accompanies using paper and pencil to monitor body parameters as a diabetic patient. With these apps, you will be able to track these parameters on the go and input figures where necessary. These apps also offer advice on how to better manage diabetics. In this article, we are going to be looking at 7 of such apps that are tailored to help a diabetic patient to manage diabetics.

1. Diabetics: M

diabetes M

Diabetics: M lets you specify the parameters you want to keep track off. After determining these parameters, you will be provided with tools you need to keep them under control, in pursuit of well-managed diabetes.  Depending on your setup, Diabetics: M gives you information about your last readings. Immediately the app is opened. This app provides information on the level of carbs and glucose, date, time, reminders, and it also allows you to keep essential notes, about your health. This app features a bolus calculator, that offers vital information on the food you intend to consume. For example, if you type milk into the search bar, the calculator will show you data such as calories, carbs, and proteins for every certain amount you eat/drink.

2. Diabetes

diabetes blue

Diabetic is an app that is geared towards offering information straight without any form of distractions. It features a glucose counter with big fonts; this will help those with vision problems to quickly access their stats. To add glucose level, all you need to do is swipe down until the numbers turn blue. It also allows you to attach time and date to your glucose level stats.

3. Fooducate


As the name clearly indicates, fooducate helps diabetic patients monitor what they eat, to stay healthier and efficiently manage diabetes. This app educates users on nutrition and helps to eliminate unhealthy foods. All you need to is scan nutrition labels, and you will see ingredients as well as the health grade assigned to different foods. With fooducate, you can also track your food intake as well as your sleep, exercise, and mood.

4. Health2Sync


With the health2sync app, you can document your sugar readings, weight, and other parameters that facilitate diabetes. Health2sync lets you invite friends or family members for added support and motivation and allows you to sync with Bluetooth health devices.

5. Beat O

Beat O

Beat O caters for the needs of a diabetic patient; you can order your medicine, buy a glucometer, consult a doctor, through the app. Beat O features a fitness tracker that allows you to keep track of calories and steps. Still on its features, Beat O features a service that lets you shop for foods and products such as a Smart Glucometer Pouch, directly from the app. Beat O also offers articles that will help you manage diabetics well.

6. Diabetes connect

diabetes connect

Diabetes connect is another excellent app that helps diabetic patients manage diabetes. It lets diabetic patients add blood sugar readings, meals, sport, blood pressure, pulse, weight, emotion label, and a note if they need to mention a specific something to their doctor.

7. Diabetes Companion

my sugar companion

When it comes to monitoring blood sugar and managing diabetes, the Diabetes app performs very well. It helps diabetic patients control their blood sugar as well as daily carbs excellently. The diabetes companion app focuses on making your diabetes data useful in everyday life. Diabetes companion also has features that help you get focused on achieving daily health goals and keeps you motivated about getting therapy.

As an Android user trying to managing diabetes, the apps listed above should be considered, as they will help you keep track of needed body parameters, in turn living a healthier life.

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