Android Auto adds so much to your vehicle’s center stack. It provides fast access to SMSes, calls and the little things like the weather. Plus, it aids you to listen to all types of audio content, navigate to wherever you want, and to ask Google for anything you want.  It can be enjoyed on your Android phone and it is very simple to use. You just have to plug the device into your vehicle through USB and you will be prepared to set it up and move. There are several applications that let you personalize the experience and do whatever you want except anything that has to do with viewing videos.  Let’s expatiate on our list of 5 Best Android Auto Apps To Improve Your Driving Experience:

1. Audible And OverDrive

Android Auto Apps To Improve Your Driving ExperienceThese are 2 well-known audiobook services. They both have Android Auto support too and they function alike. Just buy audiobooks and listen to them in your automobile. It is very useful for road trips and it is an entertaining alternative to music if you need anything that is not so intense. Audible comes with a sub-service for customers that prefer that to buy individual books. OverDrive is a good substitute for Audible too if you do not fancy that.

2. iHeartRadio

Android Auto Apps To Improve Your Driving Experience

This is a very effective Internet radio app and it comes with a brilliant Android Auto support. You will have access to several music stations plus the regular radio stations.

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iHeartRadio guarantees that everything is kept within Android Auto for those that prefer that. It will cost you nothing and its Christmas station is nothing short of superb.

3. MediaMonkey

Android Auto Apps To Improve Your Driving ExperienceThis is a very decent local music player. The app is not complicated and it is very personalizable. The extras that make things complex for app users are not here as well and everything is very straightforward for your easy understanding.

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You can seamlessly have access to your playlists and rock the music from your library. This app has a version for your desktop as well.

4. Facebook Messenger And WhatsApp

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These two giant apps need no introduction. They both possess remarkable Android Auto support. It is possible to listen to messages when you tap notifications and your voice can be used to reply.

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A lot of people have these apps on their devices, so your family and friends will most likely have it downloaded too. They are both convenient to use.

5. Pandora

This one was already present in vehicles even before Android Auto became a thing. It is surely one of the most reliable Android Auto applications for music. It comes with various music stations and yours can be created with songs you fancy. It is a brilliant all-in-one remedy for Internet radio and music you love to jam to. You will need to subscribe though.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of android Auto apps to Improve your driving experience. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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