In this Tech generation, it is not possible to do anything without Technology.  relationships, marriages are not left out.  We all love to know everything about our partner. In fact, we also crave for help to make them know right back. All this and more can be taken care of by your smartphone if you let it. To achieve this and enhance your love life with your man or woman, check out our list of 10 Best Apps for Couples:

1. IceBreak for Couples

Best Apps for CouplesEver felt strange at the early stage of your relationship with your partner when you are just getting used to his or her likes and dislikes? With this app, you can completely shut down awkwardness, because the questions are already there for you. You will find enough personality, relationships, hypothetical questions that can be discussed with your better half to draw you guys closer. It is also simple to send a question.

2. Bliss


This app will surely bring you closer to your man or woman. It is a board game created to aid the diversification of couples’ relationship. There are 2 best amazing things about Bliss. One, it focuses on romance instead of the obvious sexuality. And, it is personalized. It breaks down your preferences in music, romance and even allows you to monitor what you are putting on.

3. Lok Lok

apps for couplesThis app has to be mentioned when it comes to Android applications for couples. It simply syncs lock screens with LokLok shared whiteboard, to enable you to send messages that will then be visible on your partner’s display. It lets you draw, leave notes or send pictures.

4. Avocado

apps for couples

This app ensures married couples also have fun. It is an interesting app that will create an interesting couple. Kisses and hugs can be sent. And, you do not have to bother yourself about your spouse’s smartphone powering off, because Avocado will notify you if your partner’s phone battery is low.

5. The Couple

apps for couplesThis app is beautiful for personalizing and celebrating your love. You are allowed to set a reminder of unique dates and can customize the lock screen.

Also, the most excellent feature in it is the calculator of the days you spend together. This ensures everyday is transformed into a celebration of the love you share.

6. Postagram

apps for couples

This is also an interesting application for couples too. You can easily choose a picture from your Instagram, Facebook or Camera Roll and then create a card with it. You will be able to customize messages, modify the colors and decoration. This card can then be printed and sent to wherever in American and in several cities in Europe. As we know, letters will always be romantic.

7. Between

apps for couples

Still on the topic of best apps for couples, between is another great app you should totally check out. Why I said so is simple. It aids the storage of your special moments with your loved one. You can exchange stickers, have photo conversation and simply enjoy your connection with that person. The media files can also be stored with no hassle. Plus, if you get a new phone too, the files will still be waiting for you in the application.

8. Simply Us

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With features like shared calendar and shared lists, this application will assist you to organize your life and that of your partner.

You can both include several events into the shared calendar and come up with plans for your precious time. Also, your personal to-do lists can be created to ensure you are both aware of what has to be done. Comfortable messaging and picture exchange can happen too.

9. Raft

You no longer have to point accusing fingers at yourselves when you both forget anything. The days of canceling your night out will be over too because your partner comes back late from work without informing you. With this app, its calendars are synchronized and your partner’s schedules will always be known by you.

10. Couplete

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When it comes to iPhone applications for couples, this app stands out. It was strictly developed for you and your partner, to help you keep in touch with just that one person. It comes with a comfortable chat that allows you to exchange all types of amazing stickers. Also, your moments and how you feel at a particular time can also be shared with him or her. Lastly, there is a calendar in it to monitor unique occasions and vital events.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best apps for couples. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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