Snapchat is rapidly becoming a very popular social media platform if it isn’t already. The younger generation seems to love, appreciate and relate to it. This is the reason why other companies have tried to copy Snapchat to try to come up with a successful platform like it. At times, the plan works, other times, it does not. However, if for reasons best known to you, the real Snapchat does not appeal to you, then there are other options like it that will give you a close satisfaction. Let us break things down in our list of 5 Best Apps Like Snapchat For Your Android Phone:

1. Facebook

Facebook is several things, and being identical to Snapchat is surely one of them. It comes with a Stories feature and Facebook Stories is very similar to Snapchat Stories. Just share a brief clip or picture, and your friends can view it for till after one day. It can also be shared with individuals. A major reason why most people prefer it is because it is a less complicated app than Snapchat.

2. Face Swap

Apps Like Snapchat For Your Android

This could pass as an augmented reality part of Snapchat. It lets you snap a selfie and then transplant your face onto a different thing. Users can do something crazy like transforming themselves into a statue.

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It is basically an interesting tool that can put your face somewhere else. It does things so many things you thought only Snapchat could do.

3. Marco Polo

This is a video chat and video messaging service. It functions like Snapchat when it comes to video. Users are allowed to send video messages for future viewing or video call for instant contact.

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But, unlike Snapchat, Marco Polo will keep your clip messages for replay at a future time. Your phone number will be used and you will be allowed to create several groups for your family and friends. The video quality is dope and it will cost you nothing.

4. Instagram

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This app could pass as a Snapchat twin. It is also a social network platform that does not joke with your camera. It allows you to send pictures that expire to people as well.

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Plus, it is possible to upload clips and pictures to your Instagram Story that will delete itself after one day. It comes with other features like live video support. Instagram functions like Facebook’s Stories.

5. Skype

Apps Like Snapchat For Your Android


This app is slowly becoming a credible option if you want something that works like Snapchat. Its Highlights feature basically works like Snapchat Stories. Just upload anything you are doing and it will vanish after one week. And as you know already, with Skype you can make video calls, text chats, voice chats and so on. The developers are presently working on more exciting features and a fresh UI too, so things are looking up.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best apps like Snapchat for your android phone. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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