Deciding to quit smoking is tough. It is a tall hurdle to cross and now that you have, congratulations. The next step is making sure you do not return to the bad habit and we have decent applications to help you achieve just that. Check them out in our list of Best Apps To Quit Smoking for iOS and Android:

1. Flamy

Apps To Quit SmokingThis is a smoking app you need to get on your device to monitor your quitting progress. With Flamy, you can seamlessly see the amount of cash you have saved since you stopped smoking, the number of days you have now recovered and the total period of time you have spent as a non-smoker. The application possesses a neat UI and it provides you with lots of data to keep motivating you.

2. Smoke-Free

Apps To Quit Smoking

This is another application that provides features like Flamy. The app possesses an identical dashboard where information like the time you have used without smoking, the cash you have spent and other health enhancements are visible.

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It comes with a Diary tab where notes can be added about all your cravings. You also get helpful tips that can be used to stay away from these cravings.

3. Habitbull

The habit building application will not just help you to quit smoking, it will also let you form fresh habits as time goes on. It is a decent app for whoever plans to replace their smoking habit for anything else that will impact their lives positively.

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After setting up the app, you will be given the option of choosing the habit you wish to form or stay away from. The Smoking category is under “Health & Fitness.”

4. QuitNow

This is an app that can be used if you need a kind of community support to help you quit smoking completely. When it comes to features, this app is identical to Flamy and Smoke-Free. It possesses a similar dashboard with simple info about your decision to quit.

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There is “Achievements” that will display all you have achieved since you stopped smoking. “Community” is basically a live chat room filled with people who are using the app to put a stop to their addiction.

5. Quitzilla

Image result for Quitzilla

This app also helps to make you quit smoking and other kinds of addiction totally. Its set up is simple, you only select the icon of the addiction you intend to quit, choose your motivation for (cash, time or event), set the time for when your quitting happened and you are set to go. The calendar widget displays precisely when you stopped smoking and the days that have passed without buying or smoking a cigarette.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best apps to quit smoking. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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