Sometimes we want to see things that are far very clearly without having to go near them. Since there is a limit to how deep our phone cameras can zoom in to something, we have no other choice but to rely on binoculars. They aid you to zoom to the maximum limit, so you have no reason to complain anymore. To prove you can get the same experience you get from a regular binocular, from a binocular app, here is our list of 10 Best Binocular Apps For Android:

1. Binoculars XX Zoomer

So many people have this app installed from the  Google Play Store. As soon as the download is done, the binoculars icon will be seen in your mobile’s camera. With this app, you get to zoom deeper than your original camera will let you. The app is clear and free for installation. Its maximum zoom is solely dependent on your hardware plus there are skin binoculars present on it. Remoting objects can be done quickly with the Binoculars XX Zoomer.

2. Military Binoculars Simulated

It is the appropriate app for an army binoculars simulator in your phone. It displays exactly like the professional ones used in the military, letting you view various information over the screen (OSD). You get to enjoy its zoom effect with real sound, the artificial horizon you’ll find in aircraft, the heading indicator where you’ll also see real magnetic compass info and many more exciting features. The quality of your photos is dependent on your mobile photographic camera lens to ensure it is apt.

3. Binoculars G44

This app is straightforward to work with. It is one of the best super digital binocular apps you’ll find out there. It includes video recording as well plus night mode. It also has both a black and white and a color mode. You can even take a photo while you record a video. Additional features include light amplifier buttons, 30x zoom and many more. Please be aware that video recording need you to have Android version 4.3 and above.

4. Real Telescopic Binocular: Super Zoom & Clear View

This app is superb for super zooming with its 100X zoom. You get to carry your Android phone and tabs like real binoculars to zoom in far houses, trees and anything else you fancy. You even get to use it for macro shooting.

Maximum zoom is dependent on your device’s camera. It helps transform your phone into a real telescope. There’s also the case of the Flashlight, Digital Microscope, White balance selector and many more as additional features.

5. Binoculars 35x Zoom Night Mode

This is a tremendous digital binocular app with photo and video recording also. Its image processing algorithm aids high-quality pictures and videos for your use. It is also unusual for its handy zoom controller that is easy and convenient to use. There is a Front, rear camera, Led light, Portrait and Landscape design with animations to make it a beautiful experience with your binocular app.

6. Binoculars Free

This app makes use of your camera’s zoom feature to transform your Android device into a binocular. You also get the fantastic view of a whole new light with the Alien Vision feature and the beautiful view in the low light with the Night Vision feature. Your phone’s camera is also useful to offer a lot more entertainment than even cable TV.

7. Virtual Binoculars

It is free, but it offers features you will be tempted to want to pay for. The advanced magnifying capabilities assist with a beautiful binoculars experience. Photos are taken in HD, so you know the amazingness to expect. You get to zoom in from 3X to 20X, but this is dependent on the camera quality you already use on your Android phone. It can take unlimited photos, enhanced optical zoom and Choose image/photos from Image Gallery.

8. Super Zoom Telescope Camera

This is another great app to check out. This application is always at its best as long as its a smartphone with minimum 8 MP camera and above.

It lets you zoom even x35 with the usage of digital and optical zoom. This is a massive tool when it comes to sharp and clear pictures that were taken from a far distance. It also uses the de-blur effect to make a video clear.

9. Zoom In +

As the name suggests, it can be used to quickly zoom distance objects. With a digital camera zoom in (up to 100x) and an optical camera zoom whose max too is reliant on your hardware plus the Volume controls or easy zoom slider to make your work on it more accessible, its an essential app for my binoculars lovers out there. Simply put, it lets you see more than meets the eye.

10. High Mega Zoom HD Camera

This app is the definition of a binocular app. It has HD camera zooming and mega zoom in options. Your reading ability is improved on as it boldens any tiny texts you use it on. It also enlarges objects when used for that purpose. Its high-resolution built-in cam comes in handy for its users. There is also a free video recorder just free for all. Its settings include a camera effect, camera scene, and white balance. It provides maximum digital zooming up to 50X.

There you have it. These are the best binocular apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.


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