We all need a calculator. Knowing this reality, we have a lot of calculators to choose from and they are so simple to locate. Do you intend to give out a tip at restaurants or do you need it during mathematics study? A calculator app can come to your rescue whenever you want it to. To expatiate, check out our list of 10 Best Calculator Apps For Android:

1. Calc

Best Calculator Apps For Android

This is a calculator application from the brains behind Today Weather. It is a simple app with a beautiful UI. It makes use of old answers in your next calculation and comes with a calculator history and themes. You can expect a few bugs here and there but it is nothing major. It will not be of help if you are looking at solving complicated maths though.

2. Calcu

Best Calculator Apps For AndroidThis is another popular calculator app for your Android device. It comes with all of the basics. Some of its features include a calculation history, memory keys, several personalization features, themes, and gesture controls. It is not a complete scientific calculator, but it works better than basic calculators. If you go for the free version, you must expect advertisements.

3. Demos Graphing Calculator

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This is a proper mobile substitute for well known graphing calculators. It does simple stuff like regular calculator apps but it can also take care of graphs, tables, stats and so on.

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Graphs are interactive with a lot of data to share. Plus, tables and statistics are very customizable. It will cost you nothing.

4. Digitalchemy

They are quite popular on Google Play. Some of their calculator apps are Calculator Plus, a simple calculator that does all you expect from a calculator app, Fraction Calculator, that concentrates on fractions and allows you to make calculations without breaking them down into decimal format. This is useful for early mathematics, especially when it comes to children.

5. Financial Calculators

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Financial Calculators is a series of calculators that assist you to make sense of your finances.

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It comes with several modes that can help you to quickly and seamlessly calculate anything. You can expect a few bugs but nothing serious. If you need help calculating your finances, this is the app for you.

6. HiEdu Scientific Calculator

This is a shockingly decent scientific calculator. It gets all the simple stuff right. It also helps with complicated stuff like logarithms. Its UI is clean and the app comes with more than one thousand math formulas. It is so accurate, this one.

7. HiPER Scientific Calculator

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This is a decent calculator app. It is useful for educational purposes. It comes with simple scientific calculator functions, a built-in unit converter with more than two hundred units, a random number generator, permutations and so on.

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A lot of these features are available in the free version with the pro version providing about 100 decimal places and nine digits of exponents. It supports theming.

8. MyScript Calculator 2

Calculator apps for AndroidThis is an entertaining calculator app for Android. It allows you to write out your equation and use OCR to translate it into text format, which will help you to solve the problem. It is simple to use, exciting for children and adults and allows you to write your equation by yourself. The app supports basic operations, powers, roots, exponentials, some trigonometry, logarithms, constants and so on.

9. Wabbitemu

Calculator apps for Android

Still, on the topic of best calculator apps for Android, Wabbitemu is yet another app you should totally consider. It is an emulator for Texas Instruments calculators. It displays the entire face of the calculator on your device with every button available. You can do anything you would normally do with a graphing calculator. The app possesses ROMs for the emulator. So, you have to provide your own TI ROMs for it to work. Expect bugs here and there though. Wabbitemu is free.

10. Your Phone’s Calculator

Calculator apps for Android

Yes, except you are a student, a mathematician, or an accountant, you really do not need any complicated calculator application. Several phone users only need them for knowing how much to tip at a restaurant and so on. Knowing that your smartphone’s calculator can come in handy cos it gets the job done too. No 3rd party app will be required.

The “Your Phone’s Calculator” App concludes our list of best calculator apps for Android. Do you have a personal favorite? let us know in the comment section below.


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