Even if the in-built Windows 10 Calculator is amazing, it is really not the most appropriate option. If you are looking for a simple calculator for calculations that are complicated, the in-built calculator is a reasonable option. However, 3rd-party applications are simpler to use and usually come with more options than the in-built one. Let’s explore the free calculators that suit our devices in our list of 10 Best Calculator Apps For Windows 10:

Calculator Apps For Windows 10

1. Calc Pro HD Free

Panoramic Software Inc are the developers of this app. It can be personalized to suit what you need from a calculator. Just get it installed for free from the Microsoft Store and use it on your computer, Xbox One, HoloLens and so on. Users must expect a few in-app purchases though if they want to unlock added options. The free version comes with more than ten languages.

2. Calculator +HD

This app was launched in 2012. It is a well known 3rd party calculator application on the Microsoft Store. It is not a heavy one but it still comes with amazing features. Some of the features include a memory list, scientific and standard calculator, plus a graph calculator. Calculator +HD possesses fifteen different languages.

3. Calculator Square

It is available across several platforms like HoloLens, PC, Hub and so on. Users will be exposed to the programmer and financial calculator modes plus the standard and scientific ones. There are a currency and time converter for more than one hundred and fifty currencies as well. Its keyboard is very intuitive.

4. Calculator X8

This is a very effective calculator application that can be used on a tab, computer or smartphone. If you have a personalizable theme that simplifies things for you, then this app should be your preferred option.

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The Charm bar within it can be used to modify the theme too. Just rotate the application to quickly switch between modes and functions.

5. Super Calculator

Its UI is super interactive. Its authentic graphic display makes sure all your calculations are catered for. If you are a Maths, Physics or Computer Science student, then this is the app for you. Its display is very interactive and compatible.

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Just download it from the Microsoft Store and calculate away. A few features include its Snap mode and various angle modes.

6. Pocket Calculator 2 Plus Free

This application is super adaptive. This has to be the case since it is accessible on several platforms like HoloLens, Hub, Xbox One and so on. The most useful feature is the one that lets you use the last 9 results for fresh calculations. You can change themes seamlessly as well.

7. Calculator Plus

If you are searching for a calculator app that is not heavy, then this is a reasonable choice. Just 3.5MB is all it will take from storage space and it will instantly take care of several kinds of calculations.

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Users can access history and even zoom the application to suit the screen. The app will cost you nothing and your calculations can even be shared.

8. Kal Scientific Calculator

This is not a complicated calculator because of its UI. It comes with various features like the ones you see from a Scientific Calculator. Mathematics is broken down nicely for you. It saves about ten results in history that you can check whenever you want.

9. Sticky Calculator

This is a little app. It requires just up to 25MB of your space and its design is proper. All the functions you desire in a calculator is available too and uncalculated lines can be used as a memo. It possesses an auto-calculate for all lines. Just get it installed today and you will experience how valuable it is.

10. Windows Calculator

The in-built calculator had to make this list. It is very simple to use. Windows Calculator comes in 3 modes – standard, scientific, and programmer. It possesses a unit converter and this made it popular. Users will be able to convert units of currency, measurement, plus other regular numbers we are exposed to every single day of our lives. Install the Windows Calculator from the Microsoft Store official site.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best calculator apps for windows 10. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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