Purchasing a car may seem like a huge deal, but in real life maintaining cars is a bigger deal. It requires your full devotion. Neglecting any vital part of your car’s maintenance can lead to the demise of your vehicle. Thanks to the invention of car maintenance apps, maintaining cars just got easier. In this article, we will look at 10 best car maintenance apps for Android in 2019. These apps are listed as follows:

1. Drivvo


Car maintenance may be a massive deal for a lot of in-experienced motorists, but with apps like Drivvo, the whole maintenance process becomes a lot easier. With Drivvo, you can keep track of repairs, repairs, maintenance, expenditures, miles driven, gas mileage, and lots more. Drivvo also features reminders, that alerts you when maintenance is needed for your vehicle.

2. Car Maintainance By My CarFax

Car Maintainance By My CarFax

As the name clearly explains, Car maintenance by my carfax is app dedicated to helping the ambitious motorist to maintain his precious ride properly. Car maintenance by my carfax provides records of maintenance. Similar to drivvo, this app possesses the reminder feature, that gives you alerts when maintenance is needed. Car maintenance by my carfax also has a built-in mechanic search feature. With this feature, you can conveniently search for mechanics close to you, using the CARFAX network.

3. Torque Pro

torque pro


Toruque pro helps motorist troubleshoot faults in their vehicle, before going for repairs. Torque pairs with various OBD 2 devices via Bluetooth. Torque pro can read codes from OBD devices and let you know what your check engine light means.

Aparts its maintenance functions, Torque pro also features a GPS, speedometer, alarms and lots more. Torque pro has a free version and a paid version. The free version was last updated in 2015, while the Pro version has continued receiving updates.

4. Auto Zone

Auto zone

Auto zone is an app that provides you as a motorist with information on spare part stores close to you. With Auto zone, you can order parts and surf the built-in inventory. Looking for parts using the Auto zone app, you are required to input the year, model and engine type of your vehicle, these details make searching for spare parts very easy.

5. Autosist


Bothered about the health of your vehicle? Autosist helps you keep tabs on your vehicle’s Maintainance. It offers a straightforward way to keep records of the maintenance of your car.

It helps you manage your car’s fuel economy and also reminds you when the maintenance date for your vehicle is due. It also informs you of the insurance payment deadline.

6. My cars ( Fuel Log++)

best car maintenance apps for android

My cars fuel log is another excellent android app that helps you monitor your car’s maintenance status. My car’s fuel log helps you keeps track of the money you spend on your car’s maintenance.

This app provides information of minimum, the average or maximum fuel efficiency of your vehicle. It gives a history of the money you spent on fuel.

7. Car Maintenance – Fuel service

best car maintenance apps for android


Car maintenance helps you track the quantity of fuel consumed by your car, it also enables you to keep tabs on insurance cost. Still speaking on this features of this app, car maintenance app features a fuel logger which helps you to calculate the amount of fuel needed to fill your tank and also the mileage the fuel will cover. Just like some of the already listed apps, this app has a reminder feature that reminds you to carry out maintenance on your car when the date is due.

8. Simply Auto: Car Service, fuel log and Mileage

best car maintenance apps for android

Simply auto has features, that help you keep track of the amount of fuel consumed by your car, it also provides information on things to look out for, before taking trips. It also reminds you of maintenance schedules. It features a very clean and intuitive interface. Simply auto allows you to capture receipts and will upload them at the time of fuel fill-ups.


 best car maintenance apps for android


Famous for gadget repair guides, iFixit also offers guides for fixing cars, as iFixit is versatile. iFixit has a dedicated section on the app for cars and trucks repairs. You will find guides to fixing cars here, DIY step by step guides offered by top dogs in the automotive industry. You will also find guides on how to change vehicle oil, changing flat tire and lot’s more in this section.

10. Fuelo

best car maintenance apps for android

Fuelo has features that help you keep track of your car’s fuel consumption, fuel cost, helping you to save money on car expenses. Fuelo enables you to find fuel stations that are closest to you; it also provides you with information on the cost of fuel in those filling stations. This information will aid you in purchases fuel at lower prices, therefore cut down the cost of fuel. Fuelo can be used for multiple vehicles.

If you carefully read through the list of best car maintenance apps for android, you will find out despite these apps bear different unique features and names, the intention of their developers are very similar. These apps were designed to make car maintenance a whole lot easier. All the apps mentioned in this article are available for download on the Google Play Store.


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