We purchase a lot of things via apps these days and cars are not excluded. Car shopping sites have been here for a while. The popular ones like AutoTrader and CarMax have had sites for a long time but it was just recently that decent car shopping application started circulating. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of best car shopping apps for Android.

Even if visiting a dealer is still the best way to check cars out, since you will get the opportunity to drive it and see the inventory personally, applications are still a decent way to shop around and view a car that can be bought. See below for our list of 10 Best Car Shopping Apps For Android:

1. Autolist

Car Shopping Apps For AndroidIt is a used car and trucks app that offers close to what the AutoTrader app is all about. Luckily for you, this app provides simple features like searching and sorting while letting you save your best choice. It possesses price drop alerts too. Its UI is not complicated, effective and beautiful.

2. AutoScout24

This is another decent car shopping app for Europe. It is home to more than 2 million cars in that part of the world. Users will be able to conduct local searches, save favorites for offline viewing, and reach out to sellers via the application.

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There is also a sort option for stuff like price, distance, mileage, registration date and so on. It even allows you to post your own vehicle.

3. AutoTrader

Car Shopping Apps For AndroidThis is a decent car shopping application in America. It lets you search for new and fairly used vehicles close to you. It is also home to various filters that will aid you to locate the precise vehicle you are searching for.

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The filters might not be effective all the time but they will surely assist you. It will cost you nothing to use but you must part with cash to put your vehicle up for sale.


This is a very useful company for those that want to purchase a vehicle. They have a very decent car shopping app as well. Every car you find in it will show you a CARFAX report that will help you view what is wrong with it. This app is not free so you must be ready to spend to enjoy its features.

5. CarMax

This is another decent car shopping app for American customers. It does the simple things very well.

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Users will be able to search for vehicles in stock, save favorites, alerts for things like price drops. It even comes with a payment calculator for whoever needs it. Its UI is smooth and simple to use.

6. Carmudi

This is a popular app for car shopping. It is supported in 7 countries across North America, Asia, and the Middle East. It possesses more than 200,000 cars for sale. Its features cater to both buyers and sellers.

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Buyers will be able to save favorites, search with sorting, and see buyers according to their reviews. Sellers can fill in their vehicle’s details and speak to possible buyers.

7. Cars.com

Car Shopping Apps For Android This is another well-known car shopping app. You will have access to a lot of cars that are ready to be sold. Users can also expect several filters that will assist them to sift through them. It is a very huge service but it can be hard to work with sometimes. It possesses repair features and VIN scanners for those selling.

8. CL Mobile for Craigslist

Craiglist does not exactly have a good reputation but CL Mobile is one of its best clients. You will be able to search for cars of your choice and save your favorites. It comes with a simple filter that will make lives easy for you. Users will also be able to reach out to sellers and post their own advert.

9. Edmunds Car Reviews and Prices

This car shopping app is one that offers reviews and insights. It comes with a search that will assist you to find a lot of cars. It also possesses a market value estimator, reviews, a payment calculator and so on. It is home to several specs and package info for a lot of cars.

10. TrueCar

This is another useful platform for car shoppers. It comes with inventory from more than 13,000 dealers across America. You will be able to search for both new and used cars from several dealerships. There are staff members that will guide you through the process too. Features include an uncomplicated price guide that displays what others are paying for a car, a useful UI and other car purchasing tools.

In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of best car shopping apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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