Chat rooms might not be as popular as they once were, but they are still quite relevant. A few of them like AOL Instant Messenger, IRC and so on, don’t really pull chat strings anymore even with the increase in data-driven messaging services. However, we still have dope chat room experiences, it just depends on how carefully you search. Let’s help you out with our list of 10 Best Chat Room Apps For Android:

1. Band

Chat Room Apps For Android

This is a well-known group chat application that concentrates on general topics. You get to create topics for business, sports, video games, family and so on. It comes with features that work for these things. Band has no public chats like the others but there are several organizations and groups that use it. Yes, the developers should improve on its notifications, but all in all, it gets the job done.

2. Camfrog

This app gives us all we should have access to in a chat room app. It comes with several public chat rooms. You are also allowed to create private chat rooms with your buddies, family and so on. Video chatting is available too. Users must also expect a lot of adverts and additional in-app purchases for added personalization stuff, but if you do not want that, it will cost nothing.

3. Discord

Chat Room Apps For AndroidThis is another popular chat room app. It is for gamers and not regular users, even if regular users can also use it.

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A few features include voice channels, DMs between individual members, and you are allowed to join as many servers as you fancy. There are no advertisements and it is completely free.

4. Grouvi

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This one is quite fresh and not so popular, but it gives you a decent public chat experience with several chats for a lot of topics. It is not a dating site chat room kind of application. It is quite interesting to be a part of plus it costs nothing as well. If you look out for one with no ads, Grouvi gets a pass there too.

5. ICQ

Chat Room Apps For AndroidThis is an old chat room apps. Over the years, the app has indeed been transformed. It now works like your regular chat applications of today.

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Users are allowed to DM, video chat and so on. ICQ still provides random public chat room that is identical to the ancient AIM or IRC services. There are chats for students, adults, individuals from across the globe e.t.c.

6. MeetMe

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This app could pass as a dating service and a chat room application. There are lots of active users in it, both male and female. It is a proper way to meet people, even total strangers. All ages are catered for in this app, even if it is obviously for adults alone. It is an option that you will surely not regret going for.

7. Nimbuzz

This is a complete service messenger application. You can interact with friends, create group chats, converse with stickers, and even make voice calls. Users have access to various stickers, VOIP and SIP support, plus restricted file sharing. There are a lot of public chat rooms for all kinds of people and topics. All chat rooms cannot allow more than twenty-five people though.

8. Telegram

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This is a well known messaging app. It works mainly as a private chat application and group chats are allowed too. Various organizations, people, groups and so on make their chats public for conversation sake.

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Channels can be created and links can be shared with anyone to create yours. Yes, Telegram should have a public chat room community, but the private chat room community is decent enough.

9. Viber

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This is like a more popular version of Nimbuzz. It is seen mostly on text chats, voice calls, and video chats alongside entertaining stuff like stickers, group chats e.t.c. There are a lot of public chat rooms to meet new peeps, discuss topics e.t.c. Chats can be found for all kinds of things and you are also allowed to start a topic for others will join in. There are in-app purchases.

10. Whisper

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This one is quite old and effective as well. It possesses a community of thirty million monthly active users and chat rooms for all kinds of interesting topics. Plus, you can locate the popular chat rooms on it, things happening closeby and the latest chat rooms. It has its own issues but it is a fun app.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best chat room apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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