The usefulness of cloud services cannot be overemphasized. Cloud services help us future proof our data, against occurrences that may lead to data loss from our devices. Having them stored in a trusted cloud means you won’t be worried about losing important data. In a bid to offer optimal file management, Cloud services usually have app extensions. In this article, we are going to explore a list of best storage apps for Android and iPhones.

1. DropBox

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Famous for its excellent cloud storage services, DropBox is a cloud service, with an app available on both the Android and iOS platforms. DropBox cloud storage app, lets you store videos, pictures, documents, and other files. DropBox lets you access your files without an internet connection.

DropBox lets you create public folders and also allows users to create links to files stored in DropBox. DropBox can be synchronized with Microsoft software, allowing you to access your data on the go.  DropBox offers 2GB of cloud storage for free. If you desire to increase the cloud storage space, you will need to pay a premium of $9.99 per month for 1TB. If 1TB isn’t enough for you, you will need to refer friends, for extra storage space

2. Google Drive

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Popular amongst Android users, Google drive is another cloud storage, with an app extension. Google Drive app is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. Unlike DropBox, Google Drive It lets you store up to 15GB of data for free. Google drive has a wide range of presentation platforms, document, and spreadsheet makes it easier for you to view and edit documents on the go.

Google Drive lets you store photos and documents, that can be viewed on the go, via the Google Drive app. Google drive has a search feature that allows you to sort documents seamlessly. If 15GB of storage isn’t enough for you, Google drive offers 30TB of room for a premium fee of $29.99 per month.

3. Mega

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Mega, mega is a cloud storage service, that is mega. offering 50GB of cloud storage, it is very evident that, Mega is living up to its name. The mega app is supported on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Mega has a Drag and Drop feature that allows users to drag and drop files, to begin the upload process. Mega will enable users to store photos, videos and lots more. If you desire to step-up your storage space. Mega offers 200GB of cloud storage for a premium fee of $5 per month and also 4TB for a premium fee of $30 per month.

4. IDrive

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IDrive offers cloud backup up services, with an app extension, that is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. IDrive is also accessible via the Idrive website. Idrive lets you backup contacts, calendars, health data, media files and lots more. IDrive also supports Facebook and Instagram backup.

IDrive offers 5GB of cloud storage for free. If you desire to increase your cloud storage, IDrive offers a 1TB upgrade for $52.12 per year.

5. MicroSoft OneDrive

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OneDrive is Microsoft official cloud service. OneDrive is pre-installed on all Microsoft devices. Apart from being available on Microsoft devices, OneDrive is also available on iOs and Android platforms. Similar to Google Drive, OneDrive lets you save and access word documents files om the Go.

6. Box

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Box cloud, is a cloud storage app, available on both the Android and iOS platform. Box cloud app allows you to view, share and edit files securely. It offers 10GB of cloud storage to users. Box cloud app also provides a note taking the feature, that allows you to take notes on the Go. Box Cloud app will enable you to access files and folders offline, without an internet connection. if 10GB of cloud storage isn’t enough for you, Boc offers 100GB of cloud storage for a premium fee of $79.99

7. Amazon Drive

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Amazon drive is yet another cloud storage app, that is available on both the Android and iOS platform. Amazon drive lets you share and edit documents, pictures, videos, and music stored on the cloud.

Amazon drive offers a search feature, that lets you sort files seamlessly. Amazon drive offers 5GB of free cloud storage.

8. 100 GB Free cloud Drive from Degoo

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As clearly indicated by its name, the 100GB free cloud drive offers 100GB free cloud storage to its users. The 100GB cloud free cloud drive, lets you backup all the data from your device, using batch operations. This app also offers military-grade encryption for all data stored in its cloud. This app automat4ically stores newly created files to its cloud.

9.  G Cloud Backup

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Still haven’t made your choice yet, G Cloud may be all you need. It is an Android exclusive cloud app, that offers 10GB of data for free. The G-cloud app can be easily migrated to different devices, which will extend your storage by saving everything in the cloud.

10. My Cloud

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Its name says it all. My cloud app is a cloud service, that can be accessed via an app or the official website. The My cloud app lets you backup your photos and videos to personal could storage.  My Cloud has app integrates with other cloud services, giving you the ultimate user experience. The My Cloud app is exclusive to the Android platform.

11. Cloud Gallery

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The cloud Gallery app was designed to help users backup photos and videos. Where other cloud apps are versatile, Cloud Gallery focuses only on media files. Cloud Gallery app lets you add tags and also provides a search bar for easy sorting. It also offers a separate view for favorite videos and photos. Cloud gallery can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

12. P-Cloud

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P-cloud, is yet another excellent cloud service, with an app that is exclusive on Android. P-cloud lets your store files from multiple devices, in one intuitive cloud. p-Cloud offers up to 2TB of free cloud storage.

Once installed, P-cloud automatically backup your photos and videos, making sure you don’t get to lose any media file. P-Cloud allows users to access their backup data offline, without an internet connection.

13. Sync

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Still on exclusives. Sync is another cloud storage app that is exclusive to iOS devices. Although it is unique to iOS devices, it can still be accessed on the web. Sync lets you share your files secretly with others and also offers an encryption system, that secures your data.

14. Shoe Box

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Still haven’t decided yet? Shoebox is unarguably the best cloud storage app; you can get on iOS. Shoebox lets you back up unlimited photos, across devices. It has a feature that automatically backup all your pictures as they are created.

15.  Sugar Sync

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Last but not least is Sugar Sync. Sugar sync is another awesome cloud service app, available on the Apple App store. It offers 100GB of cloud storage free, for the first 90 days of usage. Follow months,  will attract a fee of $7.49 per month. Sugar sync also offers 250GB of cloud storage for $9.99, 500GB of cloud storage for $18.95 and 1TB of cloud storage for $55 per month.

With these cloud apps already mentioned, having a backup or extending the storage on your device won’t be a problem anymore. Please Note that not all cloud apps featured in this list work for both Android and iPhones, some of them are exclusives.

If you have other recommendations for best cloud storage apps for Android and iPhones, please feel free to drop them in the comment box below.


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