I don’t even think i need to say much here. We all need to laugh and these movies that crack us up are here just to make that happen. To watch the latest hilarious films, the ones released this year, check out our list of 10 Best Comedy Movies

1. Happy Death Day 2U

In this film, Tree is stuck in a time loop once again, this time around, in another universe. To return to the world she is used to, she needs to continue dying again as her scientist friends come up with a plan to end the deadly cycle. This whole drama focused on the several ways Tree decides to settle for, to kill herself. A major highlight is also when Tree’s sorority sister decided to flaunt her acting skills. It is a funny one trust me. It was released in February 13 and it stars Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phil Vue, Rachel Matthews. Christopher Landon directed it.

2. The Beach Bum

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Moondog did not chase windmills in this one. He is hoping to come up with the next best American novel and he piles up setbacks as he does just that. Along he way, he chills with Snoop Dogg, Martin Lawrence and a religious child who loves Nickelback and escaped from rehab. This movie is crazy but shockingly sentimental as well.

3. Booksmart

2 high school seniors, Molly and Amy, spent some time studying hard attempting to get enrolled into their favorite prestigious Ivy League colleges. They achieved their aim. Amy went to Columbia, while Molly went to Yale.

Molly found out that various kids are also attending really good schools. She eventually made up her mind to have a reckless evening and convinced her BFF to head to a party. Sadly, reaching there is not that simple. This movie is properly acted and its atmosphere for most parts is beautiful and energetic. It stars Beanie Feldstein, Kaitlyn Dever, Billie Lourd, Jason Sudeikis and it was directed, Olivia Wilde.

4. Isn’t It Romantic?

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Natalie is an architect in NYC who puts in immense hard work in her job so as to get noticed. With all her hard work, the results you get from an employee like her is basically average. Things get pretty bad when she was involved in an accident and incredibly opens her eyes in another universe. A lady who has always been cynical about love finds out that in her new home, she is playing the leading female character in a real-life romantic comedy.

5. Adult Life Skills

best comedy moviesAs her 30th birthday draws close, sulking Anna was still staying in her mum’s house. Later, her interesting friendship with a sad boy and a smitten young man became her inspiration to eventually grow up and become an adult.

6. Long Shot

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Fred Flarsky is a talented and fun journalist who likes getting into trouble. Charlotte Field is a very powerful lady who is a smart, high class and fulfilled politician. When Fred met with Field, he realized she was his ex-nanny and childhood crush. When Charlotte explored her presidential ambition, she employed Fred as her speechwriter, and all hell broke loose.

7. Wild Nights With Emily

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Molly Shannon portrays a different side of the popular Emily Dickinson that was not revealed for a long time. It shows us Emily’s lifelong romantic relationship with another lady.

After Emily’s demise, a clash began when her brother’s mistress and editor T.W. Higginson came up with a book of Emily’s poems. It is unique I will recommend for anyone to watch.

8. Stan & Ollie

best comedy moviesLaurel and Hardy were the best comedy team across the globe but now battle an unsure future because their amazing reign in Hollywood was long gone. Forgetting about the age, the pair set out to link up with fans again by touring several halls in the UK in 1953.

The shows became very popular, but Stan and Ollie cannot fully let go of the tension plus Hardy’s poor health began to reveal weaknesses in the partnership.

9. A Madea Family Funeral

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A peaceful reunion in Georgia became an unexpected disaster when Madea, Joe, Aunt Bam, and several other family members came together for an anniversary party that turns out to be a fake. Rather than a relaxed and calm setting, Madea and co-discover they attended an elaborate funeral that eventually went south.

10. Shazam

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We all have that superhero ability within us. We only need that little magic to get it out of us. Billy Batson can relate, as the only thing he needs to aid his transformation into the adult superhero Shazam is a word. Still young, 14-years-old, and a kid at heart, he does what other teenagers are not capable of doing but he has to be snappy about the mastering of his powers because evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana wants it.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best comedy movies to watch now. If you have other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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