There are several kinds of disabilities and a lot of them can life really difficult. It could be ear issues, eye problems, or physical disability, but the probability of people in this situation finding it hard to use their mobile devices the same way as everyone else is high. However, not to worry, there are several applications that will aid you to do more with your mobile phone. Let’s highlight the best ones in our list of Best Disabled And Accessibility Apps For Android:

1. Accessibility Scanner

Disabled And Accessibility Apps For AndroidThis is a very vital tool for anyone in need of it. This application will look over your applications. It will let you know how you can improve your app as its main objective is to assist you in making your application more friendlier. A few of the enhancements I am writing about include improving the text and background contrast, enlarging the inputs, and making things simpler to read.

2. Android Accessibility Suite

Disabled And Accessibility Apps For Android

This application assists the visually impaired to use their smartphones. It can be enabled via the Settings menu. When that is done, anyone who is visually impaired will be able to interact with his or her device.

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It is a simple app but extremely efficient. Features like vibration and audible feedback are present as well. It basically gives you more knowledge about what is happening on your smartphone.

3. Assistive Touch

This app gives you virtual buttons. These buttons will aid you to navigate your phone without needing to touch it. A virtual home button, volume buttons, black button, a screenshot button e.t.c are included. It is even possible to disable your screen without tapping any button. Assistive Touch is a brilliant choice for whoever has issues with tasks like that.

4. Envision AI

Disabled And Accessibility Apps For Android

This is a more recent accessibility app for your Android device. It utilizes your camera to explain what is going on around you. For example, when you point your smartphone at your friend at the other end of the table, it will inform you that somebody is sitting right there.

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It even goes as far as letting you know about the objects they have with them. Envision AI can read documents and handwriting too. It aids the scanning of barcodes and supports sixty different languages.

5. Google Assistant

Disabled And Accessibility Apps For AndroidThis is a brilliant application for this kind of thing. It comes with a voice-operated user interface that can be accessed from wherever on your phone. The simple things can be done without touching your device. I mean basics like making phone calls, texting, launching apps e.t.c. Google Assistant can disable smart lights too. The only disadvantage is that your battery will take a big hit.

6. Live Transcribe

Disabled And Accessibility Apps For Android

This is an amazing app for the hearing impaired. It listens and translates what anyone says into text for your understanding. But, the app can understand when the deaf speaks and can even translate that for others.

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It functions like Google Translate, with more emphasis on hearing rather than switching languages. Expect bugs once in a while though but all in all, it is a useful application.

7. JABtalk

Disabled And Accessibility Apps For AndroidThis is an application that helps non-verbal adults and children to communicate. With this app, sentences can be built into words and users can organize words into user-defined categories. The importation of photos and audios is possible as well. Text-to-speech feature is present plus it comes with a backup option. It gets the job done on your Android device.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best disabled and accessibility apps. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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