Drones are aerial vehicles that can be controlled with the same resemblance like helicopters or aircraft. They have different applications in which they can be used and this has made it one of their strengths. In this post, we are going to share with you the top best Drone Apps you can use alongside your drones on the Android Operating System.

Best Drone Apps for Android Devices

For the benefit of a few, let us get to know how these drones operate before we get into knowing what Android Apps work perfectly with them                

How Do Drones operate?

An ordinary aircraft comprises light composite materials to make the body light and also increase maneuverability. This light composite material allows them to fly high altitudes. They also have infra-red cameras and laser. They are being controlled by a remote control system which can also be called a ground cockpit. There are two parts in a drone such as a drone itself and the control section of the drone. These materials that are used in the construction of the drone, decreases noise production.

In this article, we will be unleashing enough information on the latest drone technologies that are available from the newest drones on the market. These drones’ apps can be used on Android devices.

Best Drone Apps for Android Phones

1. DroneDeploy

This is one of the drone apps on Android that is very popular and it is assumed that DroneDeploy is an app that’s up to standard. There’s provision for standard flight planning and there is also an automated control for this drone. The only thing you need to do is to choose a path of coordinates and see the drone fly the path. This app feature is so cool that drone lovers can’t resist. You can check the app on Google PlayStore now.

2. Google Earth

This shouldn’t be something that will sound so strange, the first thing one has to do after registering a drone is to select or figure a route to fly. This app goes in search for a safer and conducive place for drones to fly. This app can be downloaded for free on Android devices and there’s also a web application that’s also available.

3. Hover

This app is not well recognized but it has the same functionality as Airmap which provides information on mapping and location awareness. It also provides information on weather forecast such as rainfall, wind, visibility etc. All these information allows you to know the safest place and time to fly a drone. Most drone app users have underrated this app. If you want an additional info, then you have no choice other than to use this app. Hover is part of the drone apps on Android.

4. Airmap

Airmap has other better features other than just recording flights or showing flight locations. The app is being sponsored by Microsoft and Qualcomm and other renowned drone specialists such as Yuneec. It is becoming the well recognized commercial drone flights. This app can map out drones, show info on traffic and also log commercial flights. Their geo-fencing, drone mapping, and flight commercial tool can become scary but if you can use them, you will enjoy them.

5. B4UFly

If you want the detailed info and precise airports listings that are available, then you can make use of B4UFly. It shows a 5-mile radius of the various airport and gives the user a fun-filled flying experience. The gray areas that are shown while using this app, signifies areas that drone apps on Android are not allowed flying. The B4UFly app can be domineering in the sense that you will be signaled not to follow certain routes.

6. Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)

While you are using a drone, you should have this in mind that there’s no shade. Therefore, you need to know where the moon or sun will appear in order to improve accuracy. This app can provide accuracy when there’s a need for drone photography. Although there is a free version of this app, the paid version for Android devices is $7.99.         

7. Kittyhawk

Kittyhawk is among the drone apps on Android that combines both weather and mapping information. This app can determine how safe it is for a drone to fly using pre-flight checks and also post-flight analysis. This app can allow your drone to fly well in the air with safety. This drone app is ambitious in the sense that it can get you up in the air and you can have fun while controlling it in the sky.

8. Pix4D

The app (Pix4D) is for free but the software that controls the apps are not for free. The app is an awesome 3D that your drone apps on Android can use for mapping. It has the same function as DroneDeploy. There is a programmable flight routine that it can offer for several popular drones. The only sad thing about this is the software is expensive to get the best out of it that is needed and it can capture images for advanced 2D and 3D output.

9. Verifly

Verifly drone app is an insurance drone app. The function of this app is different from other drone apps for Android in the sense that it records the starting time and the finishing time of flights. After this is done, payment is being made based on the time it has spent. It is $10/hr for a starting price. You might hate or love this app. Insurance is so essential when it has to do with modern living.

Many people insured their house, cars, documents, and health etc. Verifly works differently because you pay for only what you have used. You can download it on Google PlayStore to get more detailed info on its actual coverage.

10. UAV Forecast

UAV Forecast is a weather forecast drone apps on Android that has been specialized for forecasting for drones. The forecast of this app is focused on displaying exact and correct weather update. This determines the security of a potential flight that’s about to occur. This app also shows areas that are not conducive for flights to take place. It does this by providing enough weather and wind info to help you make a choice either to fly or not.

 A well-detailed piloting info is provided such as wind direction and speed, temperature, visibility and cloud cover. You need to follow these parameters to ensure that your drone is not at risk. This is what makes UAV Forecast so unique when it comes to functionality. 

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