If you are a serious-minded photographer, you should have a DSLR camera. They are king when it comes to standard photography nowadays. You can purchase several cameras and lenses. Though costly, they are definitely worth the price. To broaden your experience with these cameras, you need apps that can make that happen. There are lots of really good ones to look out for so check out our list of 10 Best DSLR Apps For Android 2019:

1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

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One of the best options for a photographer is Adobe Lightroom. The mobile and desktop are almost the same when it comes to features. It supports RAW photos, the ability to go back to the original when you need to e.t.c. You also get to transfer the files to your desktop version if that’s what you need. Most of the features this app contains does not cost anything. But for more functions, you need to be an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber. Serious photography can be done on this app.

2. Camera Connect And Control

This app is one of the several DSLR apps out there that will allow you to control your camera. Several cameras are supported, they include Nikon, Canon, Sony, and GoPro. You get to connect via WiFi or USB; this depends on the type of camera you possess. It also allows loading of your images on your smartphone. Tethered shooting is duly supported. You can gain access to additional features only if you purchase a pro version. Some pro versions get rid of annoying ads, and the full pro version offers some amazing features you do not want to miss.

3. Camera Remote Control

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This is another digital single-lens reflex camera controller app. It only functions on devices that have an IR blaster and cameras with IR sensors. You get to experience the shutter button plus a timer as you use this DSLR app. Multiple timers are allowed to be set as long as you are using photography bulbs. You need an IR blaster on your device and camera.

4. DSLR Controller

This is one you will fancy. It only works with Canon EOS cameras. Its developer is Chainfire, popular for apps on Android. It has loads of amazing features. As long as your phone is compatible, you can connect via USB cable or WiFi.

You can do several things on the app. Using your smartphone as a shutter button, controlling your settings are some of them. Canon owners did an excellent job with this DLSR app.

5. Helicon Remote

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Helicon remote is an app for professionals. That does not make it better than the ones already listed, but it is costly. Compatibility with most Nikon and Canon cameras is one of the features you’d like but you must ensure everything is checked carefully on the list before making a purchase. WiFi support, burst shooting, time lapse shooting, e.t.c. are some more features you should look out for. It has a free version that should aid you in finding out if it functions with your camera.

6. HyperFocal Pro

This is one professional’s respect. It provides calculations to assist you in achieving the best focus you aim. Optimal ranges for the center that depends on your personal subject, camera, glass, and distance is also shown.

Most cameras are supported. Its design is very simple to read. It is free of charge with no in-app purchase or ads.

7. Magic Viewfinder

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Another one to look out for. This app does not connect to cameras and does not control them. It emulates your own lens and camera set up. What it does is it aids you to come up with a plan for your shoots and see how your camera goes about it. This means framing without having any gear on you is possible. Canon, Nikon, Lumix, Sony and many more are supported. They are free with cheap in-app purchases to give you access to more unique features.

8. Smart IR Remote

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This app is used mostly for televisions and electronics at home. Although, you still see it used with some cameras with IR receivers. Without an IR blaster on your mobile device, it will not function. Which cameras work with this app s difficult to state so we advice you download the free version to find out if your camera is compatible. The pro version is very costly, but it is probably the best R remote app you’ll find on Google Play so, go for it.

9. Snapseed

This is a photo editor app brought to you by Google. It is free with several unusual features. This app supports RAW files. It contains close to 30 other editing tools. All of them include sliders for the more exceptional control you seek. Basic features like white balance, crop e.t.c are also available. You are advised to get the mobile version.

10. Manufacturers App

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In case you did not know, Canon, Sony, Nikon, Lumix, and others also have official apps that can be used with their specific cameras. However, they are not always the best option to consider. If they were, this essence of this list would be unimportant, and you won’t be on Oscarmini.com. That said, the basic functionality needed is offered. This includes shooting pictures, getting images downloaded on your phone and all that basic stuff. They are free and can do the simple jobs you seek depending on the intended use.

There you have it. The best DSLR apps for Android. As already mentioned, these apps help you control your DSLR camera remotely, allowing you to take better shots.

If you have other recommendations for best DSLR apps for Android, please lets us know in the comment box below. we would love to hear from you.


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