We will always care about our kids and family. We regularly find ourselves looking after them to make sure they are safe. This is how it should be because even if everyone deserts us, our family will always remain. They have to be cared for and to further help you with that, applications have been developed. Find out about some of them in our list of Best Family Locator Apps For Android:

1. FamiSafe

Best Family Locator Apps For AndroidThis is a recommended application owned by Wondershare. It is simply a parental control software that provides the most effective way to monitor your kid’s activities. This app comes with amazing features that carer for more than only knowing what your children are up to. Some other features include real-time location, geofencing, web filtering and so on.

2. Verizon Smart Family

Best Family Locator Apps For Android

This is a brilliant family locator app that lets you safely find your family members’ smartphones. The app offers you vital data required to keep you informed about your family location.

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It allows you to stay in touch with them. A geographic zone can also be created to notify you when your kids leave this zone. It even provides a parental control feature that allows managing your kid’s smartphones, block apps and sites and so on.

3. Sprint Family Locator

Best Family Locator Apps For AndroidThis app helps you to quickly find your kids and family members to know where exactly they are at a particular time.

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It comes with a fifteen days trial at the start, and the app allows a parent to set a time and date to make the app find the target phone automatically.

4. Family locator – GPS tracker by ZoeMob

Image result for Family locator â?? GPS tracker by ZoeMob

The app is very dependable monitoring software. It allows you to confirm the present location of your family members. It also aids you to add your kids and family members to a group to keep in touch with them by sending messages or giving them a call through the app.

5. Family locator by Fameelee

This application ensures that you stay linked to your loved ones via easy taps. It allows you to stay in touch with them throughout the week. One vital feature it comes with is that you will be notified if a family member goes beyond the speed limit. It lets you have access to private chats as well.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best family locator apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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