Fingerprint locks have over the years becoming an entertaining way to unlock our device, fun to people who have fingerprint locks on their smartphones. The case is different for those who do not have the luxury. In this article, we are going to explore a list of best fingerprint lockscreen prank apps for Android and iPhones.

1. Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank Kohinoor AppsTools

10 Best Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank Apps for Android iphones

This app mimics the fingerprint functionality, on smartphones that do not have a fingerprint sensor. It lets you prank your friends, making them believe your smartphone has an in-display fingerprint sensor. Apart from mimicking fingerprint functionality, This app enables you to set a 4 digit or 6 digit passcode or a pattern style lock.

2. Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank by SeattleAppsEntertainment

best fingerprint scanner prank app

Fingerprint lock screen by Seattle entertainment offers a very attractive fingerprint lock screen interface, that turns a lot of heads, at first sight. This app simulates the fingerprint to unlock feature on your lock screen. Vibration counts can be used as security. This app is available on the Google PlayStore for free download.

3. Fingerprint LockScreen Simulated Prank

finger print prank app

Fingerprint lock screen simulated prank is yet another awesome fingerprint scanner prank app, that simulates the fingerprint lock feature on your Android smartphone. It lets you unlock your smartphone, by simulating the fingerprint lock, using vibrations. This app offers a wide range of wallpapers, that makes your lock screen more attractive.

4. Fingerprint Prank Lockscreen Galaxy S8

s8 finger print lock prank

This app mimics the lock screen of the Samsung galaxy s8, making the fingerprint icon very pronounced. Apart from simulating fingerprint scanner security, This app offers a very intuitive and practical lock screen. its lock screen features weather information, a short cut to the dialer app, a short cut to the camera app, and lots more.

5. Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank by Galaxy Apps StudioPersonalization

fingerprint scanner prank app

Similar to the latter, this fingerprint prank app simulates the fingerprint lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5. It lets users theme their smartphones, to look like the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The fingerprint scanner is simulated using customized beeps. You are also at liberty to change the number of beeps that unlock your device.

6. Secret Finger Protection Lock Scanner Prank

best fingerprint prank

Trying to prank your friends? this app may just be all you need. Secret finger protection lock scanner app is a prank app that simulates fingerprint feature on Android smartphones, without fingerprint sensor. It features a wide range of 3D lock effects, to spice up the experience.

7. Fingerprint Lockscreen PRANK by Romi LTDPersonalization

fingerprint prank

This app lets you prank your friends, with a fake fingerprint lock interface. This app provides an interface that mimics a fingerprint lock screen.

Instead of using your supposed fingerprint, this app lets you unlock your device, using a different means. On its locks screen, you are offered information on date and time, making everything look natural a bit.

8. Fingerprint Lockscreen Prank – Galaxy Apps World

fingerprint lockscreen prank


This app offers a very clean fingerprint lockscreen interface. it mimics the lockscreen of a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner. This apps provides a lot of HD themes, to further customize the look of the lockscreen. It features a weather widget, time and date, and a shortcut to launch the camera.

9.  Fingerprint Scanner Security Prank App

Image result for Fingerprint Scanner Security Prank App iphone

Exclusive on the Apple App store, this apps offers a lockscreen interface, that mimics that of a fingerprint lockscreen. It lets you easily prank friends and family, leaving them convinced that you have a fingerprint scanner on your iPhone.

10. Secret Finger Protection Lock Scanner Prank (FREE)

Image result for Secret Finger Protection Lock Scanner Prank (FREE)

Last but not least, the secret fingerprint lock scanner app, is a very good app for pranking friends. Mimicking a fingerprint lockscreen interface, this app creates an illusion that your iPhone has a fingerprint sensor. It provides information on how to get access and also how to get denied. The app is exclusive to the Apple app store.

There you have it guys, with this list of 10 Best Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank Apps for Android and iPhones, you can proceed to convince your friends that you have a fingerprint scanner on your device.


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