A fire is a panacea to all kinds of cold-weather woes. and these fireside essentials actually offer all you need to ensure your flames are bright, your air smoke-free, and your hearth well protected. To discover the best tools for this purpose out there, see our list of 5 Best Fireplace Accessories And Tools:

1. Midcentury Brass Fireplace Tool Set:

best fireplace accessories and tools
Midcentury Brass Fireplace Tool Set

This smooth midcentury set of fireplace tools is home to all you need to tend to your wood-burning fireplace.

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It comes with solid steel and a matte finish, and it will surely look amazing in any parlour. It is not expensive as well.

2. Nelson Fireplace Tools:

Nelson™ Fireplace Tool Set - hivemodern.com

This classic from George Nelson has remained stylish over the years. The set is made of iron and it comes with wood handles with minimal embellishments.

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It is home to a fire poker, brush, shovel, and floor stand, and it was designed to suspend comfortably above carpets and wood floors.

3. Kubu Log Basket Large:

Kubu Log Basket Large
Kubu Log Basket Large

How about an open basket for a beautiful log storage solution? This handmade example is constructed with Kubu rattan far away in Indonesia and washed with a stunning black finish. It is not so expensive too.

4. Waxed-Canvas Storage Tote:

Waxed-Canvas Storage Tote

This is a sturdy, durable canvas tote that will add a rustic feel and blend in seamlessly close to your mantel. This option can be bought in charcoal, dusty olive, and khaki brown, and it is proper value for money.

5. Iron Log Holder Black:

Best Fireplace Accessories And Tools
Iron Log Holder Black

This powder-coated metal log holder is not heavy and it is simple to transport. It comes with a low profile and special oval shape, and it can be kept on display as decoration.

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It does not matter if you stay in a hearth-less home or you prefer an electric fireplace, you will surely love this option.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 5 of the best fireplace accessories and tools. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

5 Best Fireplace Accessories And Tools

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