Gone are the days when the skills of upcoming beat producers where hindered, because of unavailability of funds to purchase beat making software. Today we have a sea full of beat making software that is free. In this article, we are going to explore a list of 10 best free beat making software for windows and mac

1. FL Studio (Fruity Loops)

Beat Making Software

9 out of 10 music producers today, makes use of the fruity loops studio, popularly referred to as FL studio. FL studio has over the years, made a name for themselves, because of the features it offers. Though it has a premium version, it’s basic version offers a lot of features, that worth looking into. FL Studio features a very powerful recording studio, with its dedicated beat maker studio. FL Studio also supports numerous multi-channel configurations.

2. MAGIX Music Maker

Beat Making Software

MAGIX Music Maker is another excellent beat making tool, it offers a wide range of features for free, thus making it one of the most sought after beat making software’s today. MAGIX music maker lets you make beats, with few clicks.

This is facilitated by a wide range of beat making tools available on the MAGIX music maker.

3. Muse Score

Beat Making Software

Musescore is a free beat making software, designed to meet the needs of both the hardcore beat producers and beginner beat makers. Just like the already listed beat making software, Musescore is compatible with MAC and Windows operating system. Musescore features an intuitive interface that keeps all the essential tools within reach.

4. Drum Flow

Beat Making Software

Still, on the topic of best free beat maker software for Windows and MAC, Drum flow is another highly recommended software. It offers a wide range of beat making tools for free. The Drum flow software includes a wide array of sample files that can be utilized when creating beats. This sample files can be a tool for inspiration.

5. Ordrumbox

Beat Making Software

Ordumbox is another excellent free software for making beats. It features most of the essential tools for creating beats, alongside most of the top features you find on high-end beat making software.

It is available on all the major desktop operating systems. Ordumbox is available for download from Ordumbox official website.

6. Hydrogen

Beat Making Software

Hydrogen is free software for making beats, designed to suit the needs of many beats producers. It houses most of the features you would be looking out for, in a good beat making software. Hydrogen lets you easily edit, mix, compose and record music using powerful features on board.


Beat Making Software

LMMS is an open source software, that allows users to make beats, using its tools, without paying premium charges. LMMS features a straightforward user interface; it also offers easy to use functions, which will allow you to create awesome beats.  LMMS also features presets that helps in making beat production a lot faster.

8. Hammer Head Rhythm Station

Beat Making Software

Do you desire a very robust beat make software, that offers it’s beat making tools for free? Hammerhead may be all you need. Hammerhead features a fresh and simple interface, alongside intuitive features that allow beat producers to make cool beats.

9. GarageBand

Beat Making Software

Still haven’t decided yet? Garage band is another excellent software that offers tools for making beats, without requesting a premium fee. It provides sample instruments, that allows users to learn how to play musical instruments like guitar, keyboard, e.t.c

10. Musink Lite

Beat Making Software

Last but not least, is the Musink beat making software.  With Musink software, users can compose beats seamlessly with few clicks. It also allows users to produce music, with the in-built music sheet. Though it offers many beat making tools for free, you are still required to pay a premium of $60 to get some extra features.

Beat making just got better and free. This list of best free beat making software for windows and mac contains a list of beat making software that offers free beat making tools. Anyone you select will do just fine.


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