Collage markers are tools that allow us to merge different pictures together, to be viewed as one picture. With collage makers, we are able to attach many awesome pictures to one grid, without having to upload many image files.  Due to it’s useful, collage makers have gained popularity over the years and has become a must-have tool for people who like taking and sharing pictures on the go.

online collage maker

In this article, we are going to be looking at 7 best collage makers that can be used online. With online collage makers, you are able to design many picture grid without having to download an app to your device.

1. Ribbet

Ribbet offers a very nice user interface, a user interface designed with users in mind. With Ribbet collage maker, fixing pictures in grids has become easier than ever. All the tools need to reshape and resize grids are made available to users. The Ribbet collage maker also has tools that allow you adjust lighting and exposure of pictures placed in the collage and in cases where you are unable to produce a very good collage design, the Ribbet collage maker has many templates you can choose from. Ribbet collage maker is free to use and offers a premium services for $4.95 a month. Ribbet collage maker is also available as an iOS app.

2. Adobe Spark

It’s very difficult to discuss design without mentioning Adobe. Adobe has it’s marked in all aspect of the design industry, involving their self in every aspect of design. It is no surprise that they also have a service for creating collages.                                                              Unlike other Adobe products, the Spark doesn’t require you undergo series of training before gaining mastery, the Spark is an easy to use collage maker, with tools that are very easy to access within the website. Using the Adobe spark collage create to create collages, all you need to do is to create a project, select a collage template and fix in your photos and that will be all.  Using the Adobe spark collage create will require a creative cloud account.

3. Canva Collage Templates

Canva is another design tool that has earned itself a good name in the design industry, popular for its collage making capabilities.                                                                  Canva collage templates offer many collage templates to choose from and tools that wil make your collages beautiful.  Canva collage templates are available online as a website and also as an app on iOS and Android.

4. Be Funky

Still on the list of top online collage makers, Be funky is a collage maker that offers more in terms of collage making. With Be funky collage maker, You are exposed to many effects you can add to your collage to make it more fun. Be funky photo editor is integrated into it for added functionality. Apart from being available online, Be funky collage maker is also available as an app on iOS and the Android platform. The basic version of Be funky collage maker is completely free, upgrading to the premium version will cost you $4.95 per month

5. Pizap

Pizap collage maker offers photo freaks with an easy to understand interface for collage creation. It offers a lot of templates, text and stock images. Apart from creating collages with your pictures, Pizap is an awesome tool for banner creation. it offers Facebook banner templates that help you modify your Facebook profile. Pizap is a free online collage creator that is Ad-funded. Upgrading to premium for more features will cost you $6 per month.

6. Photo Visi

Photo Visi was designed exclusively for collage making, there are no extra tools. Opening Photo Visi, the only thing you will find are templates waiting to be used for collage creation. The basic version of Photo Vvisi places a watermark on collages created, to remove them you will have to pay 5$ a month for premium access.

7. Photo Collage

The “Photo collage” names show the developer of this website means business. As the name describes, the Photo collage service allows you to create collages using templates featured. It is also available on Windows, MAC iOS and Android platform.

The 7 collage makers listed in this article are highly recommended. They will meet your collage creation needs. All you need to do now is select one of them and start creating collages.



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