Anytime you are online on Google Chrome, it retrieves information on your browsing styles and habits — straight from your location to OS, to hardware. So, securing your browsing sessions via VPN is a very wise thing to do. VPNs are vital services that aid you to find your way around geo-location limitations and ensure you are not monitored on the net. I know, there are lots of VPN extensions in the Chrome store, but selecting the best ones can be a daunting challenge. So to help you, check out our list of Best Free VPN Chrome Extension For Privacy

1. ExpressVPN

Best Free VPN Chrome ExtensionIt might not really cost you anything, but it is one of the most appropriate VPN extensions for Chrome. It possesses a privacy policy that blocks the logging of traffic data and online activity. It is also home to a decent server with zero chokings. Its DNS leak prevention and kill switch feature are reasons to go for it as well. Having said that, the ExpressVPN desktop application has to be installed on your PC to use this extension VPN. It provides you with a 30-day free trial but once that is over, you need to pay something every month. Quick advice though, if you intend to use VPN for a short period of time, go for a premium VPN extension for the browser instead of a free one.

2. NordVPN

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This is a very rapid VPN extension for Chrome that aids the encryption of your browser traffic and hides your IP address to ensure no one knows it is you. What you will love about NordVPN is that it is not heavy and will never render your PC sluggish. After logging in with your NordVPN account, this VPN Chrome extension will link you instantly with the most appropriate services available.

There is a feature in it, named CyberSec, which acts as an ad-blocker and malware blocker. A premium subscription is needed to use it though, and you get a paid-trial for one month with a refund guarantee if things do not go smoothly.

3. ZenMate VPN

best free vpn chrome extensionThis is another VPN extension for Chrome that provides you with a free unlimited plan for life. There are paid subscriptions also that will give you certain benefits, but if you do not want to part with cash, utilize its free VPN service. For the first one week after registration, this VPN allows you to enjoy its Premium service. As soon as that is done, your account goes back to its basic free plan which still does the job even if it is free. Great speed is guaranteed and it makes use of several servers all over the world. About 5 devices can also be connected with a single account simultaneously. There are security features like encryption, WebRTC blocking, and NATFirewall to keep the hackers away from your device.

4. DotVPN

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This is another free VPN extension for Chrome that provides secure connections, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited switches between locations. It provides over 10 virtual locations in nations like Canada, Sweden, America, and Britain.

It also provides 4096-bit key encryption which is double the required standard in the banking sector. Your data usage is decreased, and it is integrated with Tor to allow you to access .onion sites from Chrome. It comes with a firewall that will prevent strange connections to your device.

5. TunnelBear

best free vpn chrome extensionYou should know this one. It is one of the popular free Chrome VPN extensions and has a lot of positive reviews to show for it. It vows to not log any of your data and guarantees safeguarding your privacy, letting you surf blocked websites and ensuring your browser is secure on Wi-Fis that are not private. To utilize proxy locations, it can be connected to servers form about 20 nations. It is very simple to work with. Its “Closest Tunnel” feature even allows you connect to the best server by tapping a single button.

There you have it -a comprehensive list of Best Free VPN Chrome Extension For Privacy. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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