In this article, we explore a list of best funny faces apps for Android. These apps have features that help us distort photos, making them appear ridiculous. Apps featured on this list are as follow:

1. Face Changer

funny faces apps android

want to make your photo funny, face changer offers a library of elements that can bring joy to your photo, making it funny. it features a very minimal and easy to use interface, that makes accessing tools a breeze. Face changer lets you replace face parts, add funny eyes, noses and make them bald.  It also enables you to smudge or wrap the object in the image, making the faces thin or fat, make the ears pointy and lots more. This app is available on both the Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store

2. Face Swap

face swap app

Face swap was designed intuitively, to make your photos look funny. It features a ton of features that facilitates its name. This app features Motion swap, sticker sets, Photo swap, theme swap, a photo retoucher, classic collage tool, Snap filters and lots more. The face swap is available on both the Android and iOS platforms.

3. Face camera

face camera

Face camera is an app that lets users add funny effects to their photo, giving the picture more life and excitement.

Face camera lets you swap faces with different looks, features lots of motion stickers, features a lot of artistic filters, delicate sticker sets, real-time video recording and photo taking, one tap sharing and lots more. This app is available on both the Google PlayStore and the Apple App store.

4. face Changer Video

Face changer Video

Similar to Snapchat, face changer video, lets you add different facial masks, in short videos. The face changer video app enables you to apply funny face wrap effects on your video, lets you face swap live between two people. Lets you blend two faces into enables you to make inverted portraits and lots more.

5. Photowrap

photo wrap

Photo wrap is yet another awesome, an easy to use the app, that lets you make photos funny. Photowrap enables you to stretch the different parts of the body featured in the picture. It enables you to animate your wraps into Gif’s; it also allows you use pinch-zoom, for a detailed photo editing.

6. Animal Faces
best funny face apps for Android iphones

As its name dictates, Animal face, is an app that lets you replace fronts with an animal head.

It was explicitly designed for moments where you need to let your inner animal out. This app has a library of animal faces you can choose from, in editing your photo. This app is available both on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

7.Funny face effects

best funny face apps for android and iPhones

The funny face effects, lets you distort faces, making them fun to look at. It enables you to wrap faces, move facial parts, stretch and lots more.

Using the app, you are required to import photos from your gallery, after which you make use of the face distort tools. This app is available on both the Android and iOS platforms.

8. Funky Face Changer

funny faces apps for android

Funky faces are yet another awesome funny face app available on Android and iOS. It features over 1,500 diverse stickers that can be added to photos to make them look funny. It also lets you blur the background on images, and lots more.

9. Funny Photo Editor

funny photo editor

Funny photo editor lets users add funny stickers to their photos, as well as add animated stickers to their videos. It is an all in one app designed to help you modify your gallery loads in a fun way. This app lets you edit parts like nose, eyes and lots more.

10. Face Wrap 2

Last but not the least, is the face wrap two app. Similar to the original face wrap app, the app lets you distort faces. It makes you stretch the different parts of the face featured in the image, resulting in a hilarious photo.

There you have it. You have just been served with a comprehensive list of best funny faces apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.


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