Lefties are special people and most of them are known to be very intelligent. However, there are lots of gadgets specially made for lefties that will make them even smarter. Want to know a few of them today? See our list of 5 Best Gifts For Lefties:

1. Westcott 8-inch Easy Grip Left-Handed Scissors

Gifts for Lefties
Westcott 8-inch Easy Grip Left-Handed Scissors

When left-handed people use right-handed scissors, the end result could be poor or lacking. To help with bigger projects like crafting, cropping a T-shirt, and so on, left-handed scissors can definitely help.

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This particular one from Westcott is the right size for whatever you need to cut and it comes with a soft, ergonomic grip for convenient cutting.

2. Tenartis Left-Handed Curved Scissors

Left Handed Stainless Embroidery, Nail, Cuticle Scissors | Tenartis

Because precision is always key when it comes to cutting, this scissors is the way to go. It is amazing for righties too for those that want to trim their fingernails.

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It remains sharp after years of use and it can help with shaping your eyebrows, trimming your cuticles, and even working on loose threads on your cardigan.

3. Lefty’s Left-Handed Stork Sewing Scissors

Gifts for Lefties
Lefty’s Left-Handed Stork Sewing Scissors

If you want to really sow something, this scissors that is shaped like a stork is the perfect assistant.

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Even if it comes with an old school design, you should have no issues snipping delicate threads for a long time. It is quite cheap as well.

4. Felco Left-Handed Pruning Garden Shears

Felco Left Handed 5-1/4 in. Bypass Pruner-F9 - The Home Depot

Still on the topic of gifts for lefties. The same rules that work in physics apply to garden shears as they do scissors, therefore a pair made for lefties is important for a perfect prune. These particular scissors come with steel blades, a rotating handle, and ergonomic shock absorbers for maximum convenience while you work in the garden.

5. Lefty’s 2-Cup Glass Measuring Cup

Gifts for Lefties
Lefty’s 2-Cup Glass Measuring Cup

There are lots of things to appreciate about this measuring cup, including it resembling a vintage Pyrex and its handle being on the left side. This automatically makes it simple to read while you cook. On top of all that, it is microwave safe, made of tempered glass, and will measure up to two cups at a time. It is an amazing value for your money.

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There you have it – a comprehensive list of 5 best gifts for lefties. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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