There are several grammatical mistakes we make on a daily basis. You might not want to agree, but it is the truth English can be hard at times, so you are pardoned. Luckily for us, there are applications that can be used to improve your grammar if you have them installed on your phone. Let’s check them out in our list of 10 Best Grammar Apps For Android:

1. Basic English Grammar

Grammar Apps For AndroidThis is a simple grammar app. It comes with several lessons and tests for better grammar. This app possesses 230 grammar lessons, more than 480 brief tests, and a simple Material Design UI. It supports more than 100 languages with a translator. This way, you will be able to know the meaning of the words in your native language for those that are learning a different one. The app has no ads but a pro version you pay for exists.

2. English Grammar Book

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This is a more ancient grammar application. It comes with standalone lessons for several grammar rules with more than 130 grammar points. It possesses easy explanations, examples, and some activities to improve you. This app allows you to bookmark lessons as well. Expect adverts in it but it is free.

3. English Grammar In Use

Grammar Apps For AndroidPopular grammar professor, Raymond Murphy owns this app. It is a product of the widely known book of the same name.

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It comes with several activities and lessons about grammar. Users can expect 145 grammar points too. If you decide to go for the free version, expect fewer features. The app is pretty costly.

4. English Grammar Test

Grammar Apps For Android

This is another popular grammar app. It comes with various content, which includes 1,200 total exercises. It monitors your scores and progress. Its design stands out as well and the advertisements you get in it should not be too worrisome. The app will cost you nothing.

5. Grammarly

Still, on the topic of best grammar apps for Android, grammaly is another app you should totally check out. This one is used by many. It is a keyboard, just like Gboard or SwiftKey. Features like auto-correct will be enjoyed with this one.

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But, it also corrects your grammar as you use your words. Commas, verb form, misspellings, missing words, and confused words are taking care of in Grammarly. It is free and there are no advertisements.

6. Merriam-Webster

Grammar Apps For Android

Dictionary applications are vital for English Language study. They reveal word definitions, word types, pronunciations plus examples. Vocabulary puzzles, a voice search, a thesaurus, audio pronunciations and so on are taken care of. The app is free but there is also a paid version if you want more features and zero ads.

7. Oxford Grammar and Punctuation

This application outlines more than 250 grammar and punctuation rules. It makes use of easy verbiage, several examples, and supplementary lessons for improved learning. OCR is not excluded in this app. Meaning, your camera can be used to check words out. The complete version comes with offline support, zero ads, and more features.

8. Udemy

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This is a learning tool that can be used online. It caters to all types of topics ranging from cooking to tech, language, and fitness e.t.c. Grammar lessons are included as well. You will be able to purchase a course, view clips, and learn new things. The application will cost nothing and includes courses. You will have to pay for some of these courses though.

9. YouTube

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YouTube takes care of all things. Things like grammar, punctuation, English can be improved on the platform as well.

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The video-sharing service has educational channels with clips that concentrate on stuff like proper English, speaking, writing and grammar lessons. Khan Academy, for instance, has been responsible for 118 clips on grammar on YouTube. And as you already know, YouTube is free.

10. ebook Reader

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Our final option has to be your favorite ebook readers. It could be Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook or Google Play Books. Anyone you go for possesses several educational books about writing, grammar, spelling, speaking e.t.c. These books come with different cost prices. You only have to purchase them once.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best grammar apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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