Your laptop’s battery is the life generator of your laptop thereby making it an essencial part of your laptop.
Do your laptop cut you on the way while in use due to weak battery? If yes then this tutorial was meant for you.

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Best Guide To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

1. Your laptop needs to always be clean so as to avoid the blockage of the air vents. A blocked air vents tends to generate more heat thus reducing the life span of the battery.

2. Do you know that heat kills your laptop’s battery? Yes it does so it’s adviseable to avoid leaving your laptop inside closed car or direct sunlight because undue heat kills off a battery slowly.

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3. The lower your CPU and Hard Drave, the longer your battery runs so it’s adviseable you defrag your laptop hard drive. Daily defragmenting the hard drive will lead to a lesser load which will enable the laptop to run faster.

4. Lower screen brightness. LCD screen and hard drive consumes battery power a lot. By dimming the brightness of the screen, some good amount of battery power are saved and also disable screensavers. Screensavers use CPU when PC is idle

5. Unplug all external devices when not in use. Some external devices such as flash drives, speaker, external mouse and keyboard etc are the biggest external source that drains out the battery power. If you don’t need them when running on battery, I will advise you to plug them out to increase standby time.

6. Hiberbate option is prefered to sleep moodbecause the sleep mode option tends to draw power from the battery while hibernate option saves the computer work as is and then shuts down automatically.

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7. Close unused programs. One needs to close unused programs to extend laptop battery life. Keeping an application is running in background, makes the CPU usage increase and the more the CPU runs, the more the battery power that will be exhausting. Always check the taskbar to see running programs that are of no use to you.

8. Quit or avoid playing heavy games.

9. Top up your RAM if you’re laptop RAM is low. Because if you laptop RAM is low, your laptop will use Hard Disk as virtual memory and it will reduce the battery power.

10. Atleast once in a week your laptop battery needs to be discharged completely, so as to enable every cell of your battery work properly.

Follow the given guide above and i assure you a positive result.
If There are any other ways to sustain a laptops battery life you know, you can also let us know via comment.



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