Essentially, a Horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person’s birth. Many people believe in it or why a lot do not. For those that believe in horoscopes, Horoscopes help predict the future. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of best horoscope apps for Android.


This is one developer on Google Play with various horoscope applications for Android. He owns an app for every zodiac rather than one app for all them. Every application is specific to its own zodiac sign. Some of the features are daily horoscopes for love, work, mood, and other stuff. Also, you get horoscopes every week and month plus interesting facts about that particular zodiac sign. You can share it on social media as well. Every app will cost you nothing and there are no in-app purchases. Expect advertisements though.

2. Astroguide

Best Horoscope Apps For Android

This aids your proper astral direction. It possesses several moods like emotions, stress, sensibility and many more. Interesting facts about every zodiac, previous horoscope reading, future horoscope reading are present too. Zodiac compatibility ratings, shareable quotes plus a tarot card reader are shown to you as well. Tarot card reader is meant to just entertain you. The app’s design is decent and the UI is user-friendly. You pay nothing to use it and ads can be removed by parting with a fee monthly.

3. AstroMatrix

Best Horoscope Apps For AndroidThis is one of the most vital horoscope apps around. It possesses amazing features. Your horoscopes are not just from your birthday, it includes your birth time and birth location too. Horoscopes can be viewed every day, every month and every week. More features are moon phases, quotes of the day, popular birthdays on any given day and so on. The user interface is not that great though but the info you will get on it is brilliant. This application is free and advertisements can be gotten rid off when you pay something small.

4. Daily Horoscope by Comitic

Best Horoscope Apps For Android

It is an easy-to-use application. You can view the simple features which include horoscopes every day, every week and every month. It possesses zodiac compatibility ratings, a widget, and Chinese horoscopes. Previous horoscopes can be checked too and push notifications will be added to your horoscopes every day.

The application has a few customization elements too. It might not be the best in this article but it does a good job. Do not expect any form of advertising in it too, and it is totally free.

5. Daily Horoscope Plus

Best Horoscope Apps For AndroidThis is another well-known horoscope application. Horoscopes are revealed to you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Its UI is not that great but it still does a decent job done. It has lots of adverts and they can be very frustrating. Rare features like a fortune cookie simulator, daily lucky colors, Chinese astrology and astrology tutorials are present in it too. Simply put, it is a horoscope application with added extras. The app does not require any payment. An advert-free version can be paid for.

6. Horoscope by Best Horoscope App Ever

Best Horoscope Apps For Android

This is an easy-to-use application. The name is a bit cocky but maybe they have the content to back it up. The app possesses a good user interface, decent information, and fast results. The normal horoscope every day, every week and every month is involved and love compatibility, finance, and career horoscopes, and family and friends horoscopes. Chinese horoscopes can even be accessed.

The only problem with it is its grammar and spelling mistakes once in a while but it should be what you can cope with. It is free but advertisements are everywhere.

7. HoroscopeDaily

Its UI is identical to some of the ones listed above. You just have to select your horoscope, read it and then share if that is what you want. Horoscopes are received every day, every week and every month. Push notifications are involved in daily horoscopes. It is totally free with advertisements and the simple application features are available. But, there is a reduced number of downloads or reviews, therefore it is a fresh app.

8. Horoscope – Zodiac Signs

Image result for Horoscope - Zodiac Signs app

Still, on the topic of best horoscope apps for Android, Horoscope-Zodiac Signs is another free horoscope application. Simply launch it, tap your zodiac sign, and view your several horoscopes.

Yesterday’s horoscope plus that of the present day can also be viewed. The application includes push notifications, zodiac fun facts, and a decent UI. There are not so many disadvantages with using this app but you must expect advertisements.

9. iHoroscope

This is a well-known option. It reveals horoscopes for love, well-being, career, and social life. Every section possesses one paragraph or 2 of information. The adverts in it will not give you a great experience with it though. So we will advise that you download and install it only if you are willing to pay a token to get rid of ads. There is a premium chat service you can explore as well. Credits can be bought as an in-application purchase and then they can be used for customized horoscope chats.

10. Yodha Daily Horoscope

Best Horoscope Apps For Android

This is the only application in this article that is totally free and also comes with zero advertisements. It provides free daily horoscopes and nothing more. There are configurable push notifications, a neat UI, and easy controls. Yodha, who developed it, owns 2 other astrology apps that concentrate on several added extra features, detailed horoscopes, and an astrology service that you will pay for.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best horoscope apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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