For several people, life is stressful. This is why it is key to have at least one stress-relieving activity that will take away that tiredness and give you the entertainment you crave for. Music is vital to our social activities and we all just find it difficult to hate it. You can step your singing game up with a karaoke machine too. However, it is not possible to have access to a karaoke machine everywhere you go, which is why we will highlight the accessible options you can try in our list of Best Karaoke Apps For Android:

1. Smule

Karaoke Apps For AndroidThis is an amazing singing app for Android in 2019. You will be able to sing with your friends with this one. A solo or duet can be done with people from across the globe. There are several audio effects and video filters that can be applied as you sing your favorite song. Users can sing live or record the music with the app. Pitch correction, polishing vocals, visual filters are excellent features you can work with too.

2. Red Karaoke

Another interesting app that will cost you nothing. It is home to over 100 thousand tracks that allow you to sing over.

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This app has ten million user base and that is an incredible number of audience. Solo, duet, group songs can all be recorded. It lets you include themes and visual effects to your songs and videos.

3. Yokee

Karaoke Apps For AndroidThis is free to use an application that is available on the Play Store. It comes with 100 million downloads which prove its user base and popularity.

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There are identical apps to this one but it still stands out. It is possible to sing along with friends or performing a solo.

4. StarMaker

Karaoke Apps For Android

Another popular karaoke application. It comes with over 50 million users and is regularly updated with the most recent songs. Its VIP membership is also handy for added features if you want.

5. Singa

It is seen as one of the most appropriate apps for singing. It is home for over sixty thousand songs. It comes with songs from famous celebrities in the world.

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Users will be able to sing solo and can also sing with friends. There are several curated playlists available. It is very simple to use.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of karaoke apps for Android if you have other recommendations feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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