sDespite fact that a lot of people are antagonistic towards the subject mathematics. Mathematics solves a lot of problems in the world today. Though it might be a tough subject for many, it can be made easy, only if you have the right tools. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of best math apps for Android.

1. Brainly

This is a social networking app for every student out there. It allows people to ask questions from homework or assignments. Other members of the platform will then answer the questions, providing details on how they arrived at the solution. Its effectiveness is dependent on the knowledge of other people. On the Play Store, you will see a complete list of available topics and subjects.

2. HiPER

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This is an amazing scientific calculator. It will be of help if you need it for grade school and collegiate level mathematics. Its free version features 10 digits plus 3 exponential digits. The premium version boosts that to one hundred regular digits and 9 exponential digits. More features include complex numbers, conversion among 200 units, support for fractions, and many more. It is surely one of the best scientific calculators in the Play Store.

3. Khan Academy

This is a traditional math application. It allows you to review and re-learn math in the right platform. This app possesses more than 10,000 clips, 40,000 questions, and several kinds of mathematics.

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Including statistics, trigonometry, calculus, basic algebra, pre-algebra, arithmetic e.t.c. Courses can be taken and retaken as you wish to know new stuff. It is totally free too.

4. LectureNotes

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Definitely one of the most effective note-taking application for your smartphone. This application allows you to take notes, draw and write by hand, and even let you record your lecturer’s lessons for future listening. The drawing by hand option is beautiful for mathematics students that do not fancy calculators. More features are supported for OneNote and Evernote, indexing and organization plus video recording.

5. MyScript Calculator 2

Math Apps For AndroidThis is a useful mathematics application for middle school, high school, and college students. It is a calculator but it does not appear or operate as a normal calculator app. Rather, the calculation will be written down in the application just like on a piece of paper.

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It makes use of an OCR to transform your handwriting into text and a solution would be gotten from there. Addition and subtraction, powers, roots, exponents, trigonometry, logarithms, constants are all catered for.

6. Photomath

Math Apps For Android

This is a mathematics application with camera functionality. Users can capture a photo of the problem on a piece of paper. It offers one-by-one guidelines on how to solve the problem, the several maths needed to arrive at the right answer and anything else you might need. Graphs are supported. It is definitely a remarkable study helper for students.

7. Socratic

Math Apps For AndroidThis is a recent math app. It caters to several other subjects too and it functions like Photomath. You can capture a photo of your assignment problem and the app will show you results, explanations, a step-by-step process of arriving at the solution e.t.c. It also adds video examples in a few cases. It will cost nothing and it has zero in-app purchases.

8. Wabbitemu

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This is an emulator for popular graphing calculators. It aids so many of them like TI-73, plus 9 calculators from the TI-80 series. It functions the way you want it to. Users just have to get the ROM of the calculator you fancy and have it loaded with the emulator. It will then operate as an authentic TI graphing calculator.

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It is a brilliant way to use your smartphone rather than your calculator. It functions with 3rd party applications and plugins for TI calculators. It costs you nothing but you must expect ads.

9. Wolfram

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Still o the topic of best math apps for Android, Wolfram is yet another app you should totally consider. This platform has several mathematics applications. The first one to go for is WolframAlpha. It possesses a database of math results, help, explanations e.t.c. WolframAlpha caters for more complex stuff like number theory, discrete math, statistics, physics, chemistry e.t.c. Course-style applications for several kinds of pre-algebra, linear algebra, discrete math are also available.

10. YouTube

Math Apps For Android

You already know, this is the platform for almost everything you need. It is a decent mathematics app too. Several content creators focus on providing solutions to math problems and they definitely do a good job. Straight lessons and explanations, number theory, math fun facts, math history, practical uses are all available. Popular math channels like Numberphile and Mathologercna get the job done for you. YouTube is free.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best math apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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