Nowadays our smartphones have replaced several things we use for our daily lives. A flashlight has replaced a torchlight, our smartphone selfie makers have substituted a regular camera, ebooks have taken over from the physical books we An excellent purpose. Applications for measuring distance are not exempted as well. Let’s show you the best apps that have replaced the standard measure distance devices we were formerly used to in our list of 10 Best Measure Distance Apps For Android 2019:

1. GPS Fields Area Measure

One of the most hard-to-believe measuring apps for Android since it efficiently makes use of regular tech. As the name suggests, the apps let you measure the area by making use of GPS data. All you have to do is launch it, then choose your beginning and finishing points. To measure a city, make a loop. The only disadvantage with the app is that, as it uses GPS data, small areas cannot be measured.
As a farmer who intends to measure his or her field, GPS Fields Area Measure is the app to go for. With the increased accuracy of global positioning services, expect this application to measure every step you take correctly anytime soon.

2. Ruler

So simple to use, this one. The name gives you doubts as you’d think it’ll reveal the length of a line or something, but far from that. This app displays a ruler with correct markings right there on your screen. Just place your mobile device down, and if the phone or its case possess a straight line, your smartphone can be used as a straight edge.

3. ImageMeter

This app lets you take measurements of an existing image. Unlike the others like it, it does not function as a real-time measurement tool; it makes use of images to measure everything and anything. Even if it is amazingly apt to get correct measurements just from an image, it would not be possible for a regular camera to capture any usable data. Hence, the reason for needing some reference to aid other measurements. For instance, if you know the height of the roof and the length of the bedroom, you can place a reference graph on a picture and map out the beneficial window using ImageMeter.

4. Smart Measure

It makes use of your camera to measure the distance between objects and the height of an object. Simply put, you turn on the app, the camera turns on, and the detection process starts. You only have to press the distance button to measure the distance between the camera and the object.

Smart Measure then guesses the distance between yourself and the subject. To determine the object’s height, point at the bottom, click the height button and press again at the top. Even if this looks like luxury stuff, it is as correct as your guess. It can be improved on definitely, but it still does a job.

5. EasyMeasure

A decent measure distance app useful for measuring the object’s distance from the user, plus measuring its dimension. Just focus your camera at the object in question. The calculation happens with several considerations, like the height of the cam and the tilt of your mobile device.

Make sure the camera is set at the appropriate height, angle, and tilt. For example, if your camera is held at the height of your eyes, it will instantly detect that the height is 4 inches less than the real climax. As soon as you choose which object to measure, make adjustments to the box on the measuring app screen to ensure the object fits. When you are done, the details of the measurement will reveal itself on display.

6. Distance And Area Measurement

Best Measure Distance Apps For Android

Several people use this app as it has dope ratings of 4.2 on the play store. It is very useful for measuring the area of a region via your phone’s GPS. The application can be turned on in a particular area while you stroll or drive by to measure its area. Measurement of the path length takes place as well. Very good option as regards a measure distance app.

7. Measure Distance Map

Thousands of users rely on this app. It aids distance calculator to discover the distance between two or more points anywhere on the planet. Several locations can also be built to locate local distance.

The distance location will be read in meters, kilometers, miles, yards and so on. Map types can also: Normal, satellite, terrain, hybrid.

8. Distance Meter Free

Best Measure Distance Apps For Android

It discovers the distance from an object via your phone camera’s autofocus. It looks for the object to which your car is tuned. Point the focus yourself. Its accuracy and correctness of all kinds of measurement are guaranteed.

9. GPS Distance Meter

Best Measure Distance Apps For Android

A great option for a measure distance tool for Android. It can swiftly measure the distance while you drive, jog, cycle e.t.c. It reveals all details: entire route distance, time spent on moving, your average speed and distance from the beginning point to the present location.

10. Auto Distance

Best Measure Distance Apps For Android

Do you require information on the distance from various objects, this app is here for you. You are equipped to know how far anything you desire is from you. You just focus your camera at this object, and the app will measure the distance. But, be cautious, it is better to focus the camera on a still object, else, your hands might be unstable and the information received can be wrong. All you require is a mobile device with a camera.

There you have it – A comprehensive list of Best Measure Distance Apps For Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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